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RoboCroc – Post Production and More

Post Production Begins Although we’ve finished one the hardest part of Compendium, it’s not even half way yet! There are lots more to do as we get into post-production. The post-production for Compendium isn’t just editing the footage and making a final cut. It also involves the interactive graphic novel for the iPad application, which is the original purpose of [...]

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Phase 3: Post-Production!
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Hola! Since the moment we finished shooting our film we entered to the post-production stage of our short film. Our Director, Nicholas Humphries got the footage and gave it to our, well-know in the industry, editor, Kirby Jinnah. Since the beginning of this project we secured our Editor but the past two weeks have been about getting our post-production crew [...]

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Phase 2:Make Up and Wardrobe On Production Day!
Tink Make Up

Hello! The amazing make up and wardrobe for our short film ‘Tinkerbell’ was made by Sarah Elizabeth, Susan Manning and Megan Leson! Tinkerbell Pan Sarah, Susan and Megan..thanks for working on this amazing project! Stay tuned for more photos and more info about this short film!! Team Tink

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Wanna see something gross….and awesome!?

Hook as been de-hooked for his interrogation. Left behind is his grotesque stump for a hand. Susan Manning, our lead make up artist has designed some pretty wicked concept pieces for us. She recently had Vaughn over to test run a few ideas to see how they’d look and she was awesome enough to send us pictures. Featured below is [...]

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