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Dia De Los Muertos Kick Off Meeting Preparation
Using Hands for Self Expression

Hello, Hello! Today is Compendium Kickoff day! Today La Catrina, along with the Three Amigos and the Spicy Skulls teams will group together and meet our crew for the first time. Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin will introduce our crew to the Compendium shoot, and what we will need to do to bring our production to fruition “on the day”. We are [...]

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A hauntingly beautiful future….
3 amigos

What a week! Time is flying by and things are moving along nicely for Team 3 amigos. The 4th version of the script has arrived and everyone couldn’t be happier. Working with our director Nick, the writer Maria Torres and our composers Maya and Kim has been a joy and a lot of fun. Our film’s musical aspect is a [...]

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Final touches please

As the final countdown for the shooting day begins we going over the final details that will turn our story, from a vague concept in our heads to an actual film! We would like to use this space to show our gratitude to our production designer David Gomez, and all his crew. For the last few days they have emptied [...]

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Story & Direction
2 girls (2)

Compendium Six is right around the corner and most of us in EBM15 are starting to get our feet wet for the first time. There are many new terminologies and responsibilities that we are constantly learning on a day to day basis. It’s definitely a great learning experience, and a little surreal at the same time. Meeting our directors and [...]

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Thinking Ahead of the Game: Pre-Production

Hola! This is Mike and I want to share with you an overall look at the first meeting with our director Peter D. Marshall for Cinderella.

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I am your servant, I am your servant great C’Thulhu
Part of "Cthulhu Team"

On Tuesday September 14th around 7 p.m., I became a servant of the Old One the Great C’Thulhu. As many of you know our Project Space Squid was to produce a short film with an interactive part based on the stories of the great mind of H.P Lovecraft and as you guessed, I was producing along with Patsy Tomkins, “The [...]

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Why should I call C’Thulhu?
Part of the set

Truth is why should I? He didn’t know who I was and to be honest with you,  I didn’t know too much about him either… After been writing for a while about the Project “Space Squid” and “The Call of C’Thulhu”; which is the interactive film I’m working on, based on the work of H.P Lovecraft, I realized that actually [...]

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The character of Erich Zann is coming to life…
Picture 1

There are 4 phases that need to be completed to finish your product -  pre-production, production, post-production,  and distribution. I am proud to say that our pre-production and production phases have been completed successfully. We now need to keep working to complete the remaining tasks. First of all, we needed to do a rough cut and a Visual FX break [...]

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Even in the Quietest Moments …
last day

Well, it has been 2 weeks since “The Music of Eric Zann” was wrapped, and all I keep thinking is, I definitely want to do this again. Classes have resumed, assignments are due, overdue, and we have meetings. Tons of meetings. So far, we have met with the creative digital design guys numerous times and have come to the conclusion [...]

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Half way to go!
group shot

So, there’s been so much talk about the movie but what about the iPad application? Well, I haven’t forgotten about it. Wednesday June 23th was the end of the term and we had an presentation where the five teams demonstrated their progress so far. We are excited about the reactions we received from the audience at the Zann presentation on [...]

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