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Why should I call C’Thulhu?
Part of the set

Truth is why should I? He didn’t know who I was and to be honest with you,  I didn’t know too much about him either… After been writing for a while about the Project “Space Squid” and “The Call of C’Thulhu”; which is the interactive film I’m working on, based on the work of H.P Lovecraft, I realized that actually [...]

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Your call is really Important for us…
Team Call of C'Thulhu

So Term 3 came and went so fast that I cannot believe that is actually half of my year at VFS.  I still have more things and stories to share about the Project Space Squid, but today I’ll just write about the meeting we had. It was 4.30 p.m, and our Head of Department Jessica (fearless and assertive  leader I [...]

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The Call cannot be undone
I am your servant, great C'Thulhu

I never imagined that I would be the one “Calling C’Thulhu”. If you had asked me a few months ago what would I be doing on June 3rd, my answer would have been completely different. Six months ago I was practically still doing my Visa process and finishing all the paperwork necessary. And now I’m producing films… it can’t get [...]

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Soon it would come…

I’m less than 20 hours to start one of the most important days at VFS and of my Hub Project. As I find myself preparing to make the “Call”, a lot of things have happened today. I thought that the day before shooting it would be busy, but not as busy as it has been. Still, I’m very optimistic about [...]

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The person you’re trying to “Call” is unavailable. Please try later

Here we are, one week before shooting and I’m starting to feel all the rush and emotion prior to it. The energy running through my veins, the excitement of producing this project, the happiness of collaborating with very talented and eager team members… If at this point you’re not sure what I’m talking about, allow me to give you the short [...]

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Russell Willer is calling C’Thulhu

Hello hello, Here we are starting week 2 and I’m pleased to announce we have our star! Meet Russell Willer, a VFS student in Acting Class #37. At the end of the first week, along with the Song of Eric Zann team, we scheduled a first set of auditions where we met with 8 actors.  After a discussion with the [...]

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I’m Calling C’Thulhu

Yes, I’m starting to call the Old One as part of our most recent project. For some of you, the name it might sound familiar, for some others it won’t mean anything and maybe a few are now curious about it… so allow me to explain it. Last month, the class of EBM 10 was assigned to this amazing challenge [...]

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