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There Can Be Only One!

Compendium is taking off fast! After a few weeks of receiving and vetting through scripts for the team’s concept we have finally found our script! We were given so many well-written scripts with interesting concepts. There were a lot of close contenders, but as the Kurgan in “Highlander” says, “There can be only one!” After some deliberation we have chosen [...]

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Shifted into high gear

We thought last week was fast paced, well now we’ve kicked it up a notch or even two!!  Team Hook Smash had their first script run through with the principal cast, director and producers, it was exciting to hear the characters come to life for the first time.  We all then went for a tour of the set, went through [...]

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Phase…A Week-away from filming!
Langley Trip

Bonjour! We are one-week away from the most important day in the term…Shooting day, and Team Tink is almost ready! The previous week started with a long, exciting and funny trip to Langley. We met “The Professor”, a really smart guy that knows everything about Steampunk. He is a well recognize member of VSteam (Vancouver Steampunk Society) and he goes [...]

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