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Adapting to the Challenge
Me and Lewis like a boss

As our producer team continues to work through post, we are trying to take everything in and learn as much as possible during the process.  In the very beginning of Compendium, we were told that there are three steps to telling a story: first the initial draft, then capturing it on film, and finally, through editing. That makes sense now [...]

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Our First Post-Production Meeting!

The hardest part of film making is FINALLY over…or so we thought.  We had our first post-production meeting today and we met our composer and credit artist.Worried about what initially WAS the old post production schedule, we quickly took action and wanted to get this rough cut done.  The process took just a couple of days and in which we [...]

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Phase 3: Post-Production!
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Hola! Since the moment we finished shooting our film we entered to the post-production stage of our short film. Our Director, Nicholas Humphries got the footage and gave it to our, well-know in the industry, editor, Kirby Jinnah. Since the beginning of this project we secured our Editor but the past two weeks have been about getting our post-production crew [...]

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