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Development Of “The Veil” Right On Track!
Blocking Rehearsal

Team Spicy Skulls are well on their way to being done the development stage! The script is coming along beautifully; our theme and general story are completely locked; now we are in the stage of fine-tuning! Next on our list of tasks to tackle with our writers are the lyrics, once they are complete, we will have our final draft [...]

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The character of Erich Zann is coming to life…
Picture 1

There are 4 phases that need to be completed to finish your product -  pre-production, production, post-production,  and distribution. I am proud to say that our pre-production and production phases have been completed successfully. We now need to keep working to complete the remaining tasks. First of all, we needed to do a rough cut and a Visual FX break [...]

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Even in the Quietest Moments …
last day

Well, it has been 2 weeks since “The Music of Eric Zann” was wrapped, and all I keep thinking is, I definitely want to do this again. Classes have resumed, assignments are due, overdue, and we have meetings. Tons of meetings. So far, we have met with the creative digital design guys numerous times and have come to the conclusion [...]

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Half way to go!
group shot

So, there’s been so much talk about the movie but what about the iPad application? Well, I haven’t forgotten about it. Wednesday June 23th was the end of the term and we had an presentation where the five teams demonstrated their progress so far. We are excited about the reactions we received from the audience at the Zann presentation on [...]

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Zann’s shooting day 1

I’m so excited to see our movie come to life. It has been a long path since the beginning of this project – 6 weeks to be exact! Props, costumes, cast, crew and craft services are in place. Our call time is at 12:15pm. At 1pm we will start shooting “The Music of Erich Zann”. So here we are, at [...]

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Wickatronic Zann Moments…

This was the moment – the day of the “money shot”. Jon Berezen did an incredible and amazing job on the makeup for the character, Eric (played by Paul Toolan). We were all fascinated and in awe of the key reveal of Eric Zann. We also spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get the music sheets to fly smoothly [...]

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Picture 2

We’ve run over our to-do list over and over again. Yet it feels like something is missing. We spent most of Thursday finalizing that list again and getting all of the odds and ends tied up. First, we started out by subjecting our sheet music to a rigorous “aging process” (endless soaking sessions in tea, coffee, and Coke), then we [...]

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Pawn the Replay…

The days are winding down and so is the money …yet, it feels like there is still so much to do. Our 3D guys are having difficulty with finalizing and committing to the green screen flooring. They have to create a floor, which will be time consuming. We have since decided that throwing a rug down would eliminate the tedious [...]

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Pre-production & storyboards!

We have been working for 4 weeks to get everything prepared for our shoot day. It looks like this is never going to end! Seriously, it has been a big challenge to find the best props/costumes to satisfy the look and feel of our movie and to accomplish all the requirements for our director, Michael Chase. My experience with the [...]

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Introducing ….
Picture 1

Passion, humility, and kindness are characteristics that I see in my actors. I appreciate them for their talent, time, and commitment to aiding us in the production of this film. We had an amazing turnout for the auditions ad we appreciate everyone who auditioned for the parts of Alex and Eric. Please allow me to introduce: Lucas De Beer is [...]

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