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RoboCroc – Meet the DDs

Meet the DDs At VFS we call people from different programs with abbreviated forms like EBM stands for Entertainment Business Management, FP stands for Film Production, SD stands for Sound Design and so on. And there is a program where the most creative people are studying which is called DD. Their program is called Digital Design and these awesome people [...]

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RoboCroc – Post Production and More

Post Production Begins Although we’ve finished one the hardest part of Compendium, it’s not even half way yet! There are lots more to do as we get into post-production. The post-production for Compendium isn’t just editing the footage and making a final cut. It also involves the interactive graphic novel for the iPad application, which is the original purpose of [...]

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Recap on Meeting # 3

Hello again, I am happy to report that yesterday afternoon, our team had a very successful meeting in which we were able to better define our interactive concept for the project! Though we haven’t defined every specific element yet, we are moving forward with our concept and are getting ready to pitch on Tuesday afternoon! Wish us luck P

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