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Dia De Los Muertos Kick Off Meeting Preparation
Using Hands for Self Expression

Hello, Hello! Today is Compendium Kickoff day! Today La Catrina, along with the Three Amigos and the Spicy Skulls teams will group together and meet our crew for the first time. Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin will introduce our crew to the Compendium shoot, and what we will need to do to bring our production to fruition “on the day”. We are [...]

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Final touches please

As the final countdown for the shooting day begins we going over the final details that will turn our story, from a vague concept in our heads to an actual film! We would like to use this space to show our gratitude to our production designer David Gomez, and all his crew. For the last few days they have emptied [...]

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Look, Ma, We’re Taking A Forest Home!
Marlon cutting up a gnarled tree. So manly!

by Wincy Aquino Ong In the last two weeks we’ve been up to our noses with pencil-pushing tasks: budgeting costs, approving design schemes… you get the picture. Last Saturday took us away from our computer chairs and into a land of bodily adventure. Yes, ladies and gents, that would be the land of Langley, a hundred-song ride from Metro Vancouver. [...]

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Story Development

Team flowers had a very productive week filled with lots of creativity. We met with our fantastic writer, Bruce, and developed a story that everyone involved can agree on. We used half of the story Bruce came up with in his original script and half of a new idea that we developed later on. Originally we were looking to create [...]

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Story and direction

“Story & Direction” Alice in Wasteland Team: The Flowers Producers: Erik Ashdown Dannie Zhao Marc Hebert Christian Mejia Acosta Director: Roy Hayter Compendium Six is right around the corner and most of the EBM15’s are starting to get their feet wet for the first time. There are many new terminologies and responsibilities that we are constantly learning on a day [...]

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Story & Direction
2 girls (2)

Compendium Six is right around the corner and most of us in EBM15 are starting to get our feet wet for the first time. There are many new terminologies and responsibilities that we are constantly learning on a day to day basis. It’s definitely a great learning experience, and a little surreal at the same time. Meeting our directors and [...]

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Initial Meeting With Our Director

Recently we had our first team meeting with our Compendium director, Nick Humphries. Before our group initially met with Nick, we were a bit nervous seeing that most of us were not familiar with his work or style. All of that changed upon his arrival and he brought so many great ideas to the table. We walked through scripts that [...]

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RoboCroc – Meet the DDs

Meet the DDs At VFS we call people from different programs with abbreviated forms like EBM stands for Entertainment Business Management, FP stands for Film Production, SD stands for Sound Design and so on. And there is a program where the most creative people are studying which is called DD. Their program is called Digital Design and these awesome people [...]

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Thinking Ahead of the Game: Pre-Production

Hola! This is Mike and I want to share with you an overall look at the first meeting with our director Peter D. Marshall for Cinderella.

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A New Chapter of Adventure: Meet Team Cinderella for Compendium IV

Hi everyone, this is Sophie! First of all, Mike and I want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated during the creating process of Psycho Princess, especially our fellow EBMers, so many brilliant ideas were created and so much excellent feedback was given; it’s two months dedicated of pursuing our dream to come true, and it was [...]

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