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Post Production

Hi everyone! We’ve just finished the matte painting shoot, which is looking fantastic. Last week we had our first post-production meeting, which was very exciting. We have the privilege of working with Patrick Britton (Editor), Steve Taylor, Corey Scott, Lucy Lu (VFX), five Producers and, of course, our creative Director, Chad. We discussed a couple of things at the meeting, [...]

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Working on a Smaller Scale
Yes, Elvis lives in Wasteland

After recovering from an intense shoot week, a never ending cleaning up, and a final farewell to our beloved production crew (thanks again, we’ll never get tired of saying that) the show must go on. Against all popular belief (insert What Society Thinks Meme here), Post-Production is really when the film comes together and gets a life of its own. [...]

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Thats a Wrap! *cue applause*
Twins blog picture

Hello again! After a long week of craziness, we are happy to announce that principal photography is now finished on The Twins. Here is a very quick recap of the day: Night Before Shoot: Make sure set decoration is complete Tie up multiple loose ends Go to bed at 2AM Shoot Day: Get up at 4AM (but somehow make ourselves [...]

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(tweedle)drumroll… Here’s our cast!

Well… after several weeks of meeting lots of talented actors and actresses, we have finally made a decision. It was not easy but nothing that’s worth something in life is. Is it? So… without further ado, we introduce you to the complete and official casting for The Twins (now a working title, we’ll announce the real one with the usual [...]

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Casting Sessions

It’s no secret that the actors are the single most important element in a movie. The story can be there. There can be some awesome camera moves. There can be amazing cinematography work. But if people don’t believe what the actors are doing, then you fail. This is why we have put extra effort in finding the right actors for [...]

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Kick Off Meeting – The Fun Begins!
Twins Compendium Kickoff

We’re back! Our team was all over the world during the holiday season: Enrique, Elsie and Gigi all went to Mexico to see family and friends, Sarah got to escape back to San Francisco and I spent a week in lovely Jamaica. Everyone returned with a bit of a bronze glow and after some rest, we are definitely excited to [...]

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Compendium all the way!
Mood Board

As we mentioned last week, we are going on Christmas Break starting this Friday. Does this mean that we are taking a break from Compendium? Does this mean we can just relax and drink egg nog until we are so sick of it that we have to wait one full year to drink it again? Well, of course not ladies [...]

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Getting Closer
Nuno Soler script

Hello Everyone!! Aren’t you guys excited that the holidays are just around the corner?, You know what’s even closer? Compendium Vol. 6! We are getting very close to this project and I can honestly say that we are more excited about Compendium than for holidays! At a very successful meeting on Monday with our director Chad Costen and our script [...]

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Meeting of the Mutated Minds

Hello Everyone, Success! We have achieved an important milestone in the pre-production process for our Compendium film: choosing a script and, consequently, a writer. At our 4th pre-production meeting on Monday we finally got the opportunity to meet the wonderful Nuno Soler. We met up with him and our director, Chad Costen, to get to know one another, crack some [...]

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Tweedledum And Tweedledee Agreed To Have A Battle

Hey everyone! This is the first post for our Compendium Vol. VI Film: Alice in Wasteland’s The Twins. These twins, of course, are Tweedledum and Tweedledee. That’s about everything I can say about the story for now. Expect twisted, expect emotion, expect awesomeness. Our production team consists of Janelle Day from Canada, Sarah Boriskin from the US and a Mexican [...]

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