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Screening Time!

And at long last, after months and months of hard work, our little film Mind Your Manners is officially finished and ready for the world to see. It was quite a thrill watching our final product  in the dark of the theater. All in all, it turned out to be an exceptional film, along with four other equally superb opuses [...]

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And Here Go The Finishing Touches…
At long last, our film will soon come to its fruition! We wait with bated breath.

Wow, I can’t believe we’re almost close to the finish line. After close to four months of preparations and shooting and mountains of paperwork, we’re almost done with our very first short film. Over the long weekend, I, your ever-lovin’ hazel-eyed producer, Wincy Aquino Ong, had the privilege of collating all the paperwork for the end credits crawl of our [...]

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On Trade Shows: Marketing Your IP the DIY Way (Part 2 of 2)
An artist sketching commission at the Artist Alley. DIY promotion at its best!

by Wincy Aquino Ong At the Emerald City Comicon, there was one area of the exhibit hall called the Artist Alley. The Artist Alley was a labyrinth of booths where comic book writers and artists talked to fans, sold their books, signed autographs, or sketched commissions for a price.  I had the blessing of being able to chat with some [...]

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On Trade Shows: Marketing Your IP the DIY Way (Part 1 of 2)
Producer Wincy Aquino Ong mugging with The Rocketeer at the Emerald CIty Comicon.

Pop quiz: How does one market his IP if one does not have oodles of advertising dollars? Simple. Get a booth at a trade show. Last weekend, your friendly neighborhood producers Marlon Doll and I, along with some of our classmates, went to Seattle to check out the ins and outs of a comic book convention. So what happens in [...]

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ADR? What is ADR?
The sound recording booth at the VFS Sound Design Campus. (Taken from the VFS website.)

Next week, we’ll be doing something in pos-tproduction called ADR. ADR is a lovely acronym that stands for Automated Dialogue Replacement. It simply means that we will call back our actors from Mind Your Manners, and have them re-dub their lines. This post-production technique is used mainly when the audio from the shoot was not captured properly or when unwanted sound [...]

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Sound Is Half The Picture

Hello folks! We have finally seen the rough cut by our amazing offline editor, Dan Berezowsky. While it is looking like a great movie already, something is quite missing… that is what we, in Film Production, call Sound Design! We have just met our Sound Design team, a group of five talented alums from the VFS Sound Design program. From [...]

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The Art of The Title Sequence
Marlon typing in his ideas for the title sequence.

by Wincy Aquino Ong Team T-Party is well on its way into the Post-Production of Mind Your Manners. A week ago, Sebastien de Castell, our acting Head of Department, gave us a talk on how to pitch our ideas for title sequences to the Digital Design people. After a great big brainstorm of ideas, from having flakes of ash forming [...]

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Because Milestones Are Worth Celebrating…

One of the best things about working in film production is celebrating the milestones you’ve reached along the way. Last Thursday (February 9th), the good people of EBM15 (Team T-Party included) decided to treat the cast and crew of compendium to a night of nachos and beer at The Cambie. Check out the following photos and relive with us that [...]

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Five Life Lessons I Learned In Compendium

by Wincy Aquino Ong The dust in the Forest Set has finally settled. The shoot is over. I, your ever-loving chronicler of all things Compendium, am physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted after a whole week of running around and thinking Producer thoughts in computer speed. Compendium has been a truly enriching experience. It was months of learning, smartening up and [...]

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All Set And Ready To Go!

We are literally one day away from principal photography! After a whole week of looking for food sponsorships and building sets, we have a few hours remaining before the camera starts rolling. Building our forest set with our production designer Ashley Bratkin has been truly fun. Check out the following pictures from this hectic, hectic week of fun and adventure:

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