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Adapting to the Challenge
Me and Lewis like a boss

As our producer team continues to work through post, we are trying to take everything in and learn as much as possible during the process.  In the very beginning of Compendium, we were told that there are three steps to telling a story: first the initial draft, then capturing it on film, and finally, through editing. That makes sense now [...]

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The Time For Rest Is Over

A semester break has just ended this week.   The break allowed us to rejuvenate and reassess our goal for this project; to tell a story to the audience. We are trying to engage the audience and allow them to understand our vision for this story.  Hence, the most important part of storytelling is compiling and organizing the footage in [...]

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Expanding Our Team

This week we’ve focused mostly on trying to find people to fill all the vacancies we have for our post-production team. Tomorrow, Friday the 24th, we will be pitching our films to a class of digital designers. This is not only an opportunity for us to flex our pitching muscles, but also a fantastic networking opportunity! We haven’t had the [...]

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Welcome to the lovely land of Post-Production.
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We now find ourselves delving into the land of post-production.  Right after production finished, we managed to get a weekend of down time, and now we take a massive step forward and start exploring the wonderland we have created.  In this phase of Compendium, we will be looking over all the Red footage that has been shot and begin collaboration [...]

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Directed in the Right Direction

First off, it was an absolute thrill working with such talented people and seeing something we had envisioned months before finally come to life. All the time and effort everyone put into this production has paid off and we were able to produce something much better than any of us had imagined. None of it would have been possible without [...]

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That’s a wrap for Team Queen!
Producers & Cast

For the shoot anyways… We, the Producers, are so thankful for how well the crew performed to make this production happen. The day ran smoothly, on schedule, and with only minor delays thanks to our first A.D, Daniel Berezowsky, and our second A.D, Matt Sarkaria. We are very excited to begin working with the director, David Roncin, with the footage [...]

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Endless nights of building A Nightmare’s Land

The day we shoot is quickly approaching. Everyone involved in the Team Queen production is working towards the final push to prepare for the day. Everyone in the team has proven to be an important asset in completing the pieces to this puzzle. The make-up team is working hard to create the visual manifestation of all the characters, and so [...]

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Closing In On Shoot Day!

Team Queen has been working hard the last week having cast our show, designed our makeup, and arranged for several dead bodies to be delivered on our shooting day. We’ve had long days working with production designers, ADs, and fantastic makeup artists. Without giving too much away, we have some really great action shots with amazing makeup, provided by the [...]

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What a busy month of excitement!
6649016761_41821d3345_b 2

What a start to the month it has been!  A lot has happened since we have last written.  First off, we had our Compendium kickoff meeting!  Around 70-80 students, alumni, and faculty from Vancouver Film School all meeting to discuss our launch into Alice in Wasteland, Compendium round 6! After a lovely introduction and explanation of Compendium as a whole [...]

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Building The House Of Cards

Things have definitely started to pick up for Team Queen as the vision of our tale becomes clearer with every meeting. For starters, we had some very interesting tweaks to our script which we are confident will add more of a thrill to the audience’s experience. Minor changes were made to enhance our characters’ depth which we believe will provide the viewer [...]

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