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The Retrospective

Compendium, what a learning experience! From prologue to epilogue, from 2011 to 2012, from Alice in Wonderland to Alice in Wasteland, we experienced a lot… Meetings, casting, discussions, arguments, even fighting, but we learnt a lot from what we experienced as well. Script development: Casting sessions: Building set in Storyum: Everything we experienced and learnt will be kept in our [...]

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Prologue To Epilogue

Team Flowers is still in post-production, but we are getting close to Epilogue. The picture has been locked already and the sound design, composing, and creating a wasteland in which the film takes place will all be finished soon. Now leaving only color correction left! It is looking like Team Flowers is ahead of schedule! Good job on post-production, team [...]

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Bye Production, Hi Post-Production

March of 2012, a post-production month of Compendium Vol.6. Team Flowers has had two production meetings so far. Also, picture has been locked last Friday. Now, Team Flowers is moving to the Sound part of the film and looking forward to working with its Sound Team soon. Reported by: Dannie Zhao

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A Wrap After The Wrap

9:30PM, 28/Jan/2012, it was the wrap of Team Flowers after 12 hours shooting. Team Flowers: Team Flowers, with their production designers (David and Tony) and writer (Bruce Balino) One of producers, Dannie Zhao, with their three actors, writer and director (Roy Hayter). 9/Feb/2012, at Cambie bar, a Wrap Party after the wrap: One of Producers, Dannie Zhao, with Breanne Henderson [...]

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Production Day (28/Jan/2012) Review

Months of preparation for this single day of shooting, 28/Jan/2012! Team Flowers is the first team to shoot! Challenge, pressure, but so much excitement too! Warm-up: Start shooting on the first set: How Team Flowers feeds their crew during Lunch Break, at 2:00PM. Hot crew, hot Lab, hot shooting, hot production day: Reported by: Dannie ZHAO

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Building the Set from Scratch

Team Flowers’ Shoot day (28th/Jan/2012) is coming soon and there is still a lot that needs to be done. They are building the set from scratch, but after working with their Production Designer, David Gomez and Writer, Bruce Balino over the whole weekend, they have a basic shape of their lab. Props are still being accumulated by Producer, Erik Ashdown [...]

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Productive Fortnight

Ever since the Compendium Vol. 6 kick-off meeting, everything is getting insanely busy. So far, Team Flowers has had two pre-production meetings with their key creators, including Roy Hayter (Director), Bruce Balino (Writer), David Gomez (Production Designer), Blake Armstrong (Makeup Artist) etc. Meanwhile, Team Flowers has also finished their casting sessions and finally found their Flowers and Rabbit after 2 [...]

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Dec/2011 Retrospectives

Welcome back to the Flowers’ team again in New Year 2012. This is going to be an amazing term, since Compendium Vol. VI Alice in Wasteland is really started. Last year, script meetings with our writer Bruce Balino were the main agenda in December! Location scouting was another event on our agenda in December as well! We were able to [...]

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25/Nov/2011, the Flowers’ team had another meeting with Peter D. Marshall and Bob Woolsey to discuss the second draft of the script they received from Bruce. After almost an hour of discussion, they had their ideas of where the next script is supposed to go. See? Developing an idea into a story is not easy work. However, we are convinced that [...]

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Story Development

Team flowers had a very productive week filled with lots of creativity. We met with our fantastic writer, Bruce, and developed a story that everyone involved can agree on. We used half of the story Bruce came up with in his original script and half of a new idea that we developed later on. Originally we were looking to create [...]

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