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1 Day Before Shoot: Full Dress Rehearsal

It was a busy day for Team Cinderella! Mike, Sophie and I did a lot of running around between Storyeum and the EBM Campus making sure we had everything ready for our shoot the next day. In the morning, we carpooled with Team Belle to go grocery shopping at Costco. We got everything we needed for craft services: cookies, chips [...]

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Almost there! – 2nd Rehearsal

Last night we had our 2nd cast rehearsal. As Peter said, the first rehearsal was about dynamics, this one was all about performance, about playing with the range of feelings the characters must go through to deliver the right message to the camera. Our cast did a great performance and so did Peter. Breaking down every scene into all the [...]

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Make up Tests

We had some of our makeup tests done yesterday. Ashley and Sophie burned the midnight oil getting it done with Leah and Jenn, our makeup crew. We wanted to see an exaggerated Victorian/Moulin Rouge style for the step sisters. No spoilers, but they are our secret card in the film! I wanted to share this pic of the two of [...]

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The Palace is getting there!

The art team jumped in to dress our set with  fabrics, props and more paint. We finished putting the frames on the walls and they are working on painting the floor. It is amazing how Paulina Trujillo, our art lead, came up with creative ideas on how to pull the best value out of our budget, working with the colour [...]

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A “French Reverse”

Talking about sophistication? No, it has nothing to do with the way French people like to party. On our tech survey, Peter Marshall talked with Vince, our DoP, and discovered that flipping the cameras and set the lighting for the second pass will take a long time, a luxury that we do not have. So Peter came up with the [...]

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Cast Rehearsal on Set

4 days until shoot day…4 days. You may ask yourselves, why do we sound so dramatic? The answer is pretty simple, as Peter Marshall said on class last week: “6 months of pre-production, 2 months, 6 weeks, don’t matter, everything always gets done on the last week!” He was joking, but these last days are packed with a huge deal [...]

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Go Big or Go Home

Are you looking for high production value? What about bringing 20 dancers on board and pack our set with a beautifully executed performance about seduction and submission? When Ashley, Sophie and I sat down with Peter Marshall to choose which script to go with into Compendium, we took the decision to go with this ambitious project because of the great [...]

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The Money Shot!
Screen shot 2011-05-17 at 2.24.55 PM

Mike on the keyboard! So our script involves at some point a scene where Cinderella chops the prince´s head. Our writer did a great job getting our script into the last and final draft, now it is our turn to break our necks and make things happen. Fortunately, a dear friend of mine Ezra Istiroti which is a Digital Design [...]

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Choosing the Right People! – Casting Process
Cinderella Cast Blog

We have two weeks left until the big day, let us indulge you on our progress with our Cinderella episode! This post will be focused on the casting progress – choosing our actors! On April 14, our EBM 13 class with our directors, sat down and watched 3 hours of video screening auditions for Compendium IV.We watched many faces on [...]

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How to build a Palace.

Hey everyone! This is Mike again. When we decided to step a foot on the princesses’ realm we knew before hand that this day would come. A princess without a palace is not a princess, so it was time to put our builder faces on and get to work. Luckily, Team Belle’s project involved a palace as well, so we [...]

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