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Cut, Cut, Snip, Snip

Even though Production is over it does not mean that the fat lady has sung! It’s time to edit the picture! Over the past two weeks, Dave and our editor, Kelvin Tseng, have been working hard to piece together the rough cut of our film. Last Wednesday, we heard the exciting news that we were finally able to see what [...]

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From classy producers to super powerful producers

After we heard “that’s a wrap”, you might have thought that meant we were done. But no, Team Belle still had to do the most “fun” part of this whole project: the load out. Even though our set was small, it wasn’t easy to clean it up. First we packed up all the props we had for the set. Then, [...]

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Ready, Set, SHOOT!

Pre-production is complete and we are ready to finally LOAD IN! On May 27th, all Compendium teams packed up and loaded our props & set dec into Storyeum. What a crazy and exhausting day! We had rented the VFS vans for the day to pick up our props from Vancouver Prop & Costume and had to make trips in order [...]

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Scary Make-Up and Beautiful Costumes

Barely a week to go and we still have a lot to do! On Victoria Day, while most sane people took the holiday off, our make-up team, ourselves, Dave and Catherine were busy completing our first make-up tests: Belle as the beast! The process took about 2 hours in total and the results were pretty freaky (in a good way!). [...]

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News Flash: Change of Plans!

Team Belle is moving to the dark side!! Just over a week to begin the shooting of “Beautiful Beast” the crew and the production team decided to change the location of the set. Uh-oh! But there is no reason for alarm because it is still the same palace but with a more sinister look, which is perfect because our film [...]

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Production Meeting Numbero Uno

Hey all! Team Belle has had our very first production meeting. In attendance were us producers, our director, our 1st AD, the art department, make-up artist, and wardrobe. The meeting fell under just 2 hours, and boy did we have A LOT to talk about! We kicked things off with art department. Here, we talked a lot about the color [...]

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Casting Call!

The arrangements for the production of “Beautiful Beast” have begun and we are pleased to announce that Team Belle has secured a cast for our exciting short film! After viewing 50 auditions tapes of VFS acting students and alumni, our team selected 15 people for call backs for the role of Belle, Hunter and the 2 living statues. During the [...]

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Paint & Power Tools

This past Sunday and Monday, we started our massive set-build at Storyeum. What is Storyeum, you ask? Check this out: Vancouver Film School now uses a portion of Storyeum for film shoots and other productions. Our set-build this weekend was focused on the building of Cinderella & Belle’s castle. The project consists of the following: Build the interior of [...]

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There Can Be Only One!

Compendium is taking off fast! After a few weeks of receiving and vetting through scripts for the team’s concept we have finally found our script! We were given so many well-written scripts with interesting concepts. There were a lot of close contenders, but as the Kurgan in “Highlander” says, “There can be only one!” After some deliberation we have chosen [...]

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Princesses… all sugar & spice? What if we told you that the Princesses you are about to meet are more spice and not everything nice? Welcome to COMPENDIUM Vol. 4 – PSYCHO PRINCESS! Our story… BELLE. The genre… HORROR! MEET TEAM BELLE! Amy – “I’m a blood and guts kinda girl.” My name is Amy Nazarewich. I graduated from the [...]

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