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Creation of the set

Because we’re shooting our episode very soon and we’ve completed the pre-production part, it is time for us to build the set. In fact, it wasn’t only building the set but it was also testing all the transitions and make sure that everything was working. To do that, we are lucky to have the help and the experience of Chris [...]

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Meetings, meetings….let’s create this one shot !

We announced to you in a previous blog-post that our episode will be a one-shot. Now it’s time for the creation. Believe us, it wasn’t easy to create it, especially because as you know, when you have a lot of people involved in a story, you have more ideas…and when you have all these meetings to  set it up, you [...]

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Let’s create a domino effect !

As you know through our different posts, our story is quite extraordinary within  VFS history…pressure, pressure…we don’t know that word ! First of all, let me tell you a little bit more about the story of our episode. In this Psycho Princess episode, as you imagine, our episode is a little bit twisted and in our episode, the sister of [...]

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And here our casting
Snow White

We have finally secured our entire cast for the Snow White Short episode. Doesn’t that sound exciting ? First, we saw audition tapes of VFS acting students/graduates. Following that we decided to call back 25 actors. The auditions lasted a whole day but we saw so many good performances that it was difficult to make a choice, especially for our [...]

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Kick-off Meeting

Dear fellow blog readers, Compendium colleagues and instructors. Our May 4th Compendium kick-off meeting was a sneak preview of the kind of success all the Psycho Princess teams might face. It was very exciting to meet the representatives of film production and our current artistic developers. Meeting these people gave us a burst of confidence as we continued to work [...]

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Once Upon a time…the pre-production begins

This week we have two big pieces of news to share with you guys. We hope that you’re gonna be as excited as we are. Do we really want to share with you the BIG news? Of course! First, our episode will be directed by the talented Darren Borrowman and we have to admit that we are pretty excited to [...]

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Far Far Away Kingdom: Meet the Snow White Team
Team Snow White

We’ve all been admirers of a certain hero, prince or princess when we were young. And you know what… it can still happen… perhaps in a more updated fashion. And now with the help of Compendium we will be able to put our childhood heroes under a different light in this twisted dark fantasy world. We’re telling you that there’s [...]

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