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Best Short – Screamfest 2011

After having a week to digest, it is about time we share the news- Little Mermaid was not only selected to screen at the Los Angeles Screamfest Horror Film Festival but we were also blown away by the announcement that we won Best Short, the first award of the night! With 3 producers, myself (Samantha), Lindsay & Aliya, 1 director, [...]

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Screams for Screamfest!
We want the Golden Skull!

After the amazing reception of our film at the Fall VFS Impact Awards, we couldn’t be more excited to announce the news that we have been accepted into the Los Angeles Screamfest Film Festival- which will be taking place at the world famous Gruman Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Screamfest is noted as the festival that discovered Paranormal Activity in [...]

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Award Winning Short Film
Trevor Gemma Co-Hosting the Fall 2011 Impact Awards

Lindsey Mann, Samantha Jewell, Aliya Tarmo and Justin Simon are now proud Producers of an Award Winning Short Film.  The Little Mermaid was widely accepted and praised after winning three awards at the VFS Fall 2011 Impact Awards, held on September 12, 2011 at Venue in Vancouver, BC.  The crew was awarded for their outstanding work in the following areas: Outstanding [...]

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Creation of the set

Because we’re shooting our episode very soon and we’ve completed the pre-production part, it is time for us to build the set. In fact, it wasn’t only building the set but it was also testing all the transitions and make sure that everything was working. To do that, we are lucky to have the help and the experience of Chris [...]

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Meetings, meetings….let’s create this one shot !

We announced to you in a previous blog-post that our episode will be a one-shot. Now it’s time for the creation. Believe us, it wasn’t easy to create it, especially because as you know, when you have a lot of people involved in a story, you have more ideas…and when you have all these meetings to  set it up, you [...]

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Let’s create a domino effect !

As you know through our different posts, our story is quite extraordinary within  VFS history…pressure, pressure…we don’t know that word ! First of all, let me tell you a little bit more about the story of our episode. In this Psycho Princess episode, as you imagine, our episode is a little bit twisted and in our episode, the sister of [...]

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And here our casting
Snow White

We have finally secured our entire cast for the Snow White Short episode. Doesn’t that sound exciting ? First, we saw audition tapes of VFS acting students/graduates. Following that we decided to call back 25 actors. The auditions lasted a whole day but we saw so many good performances that it was difficult to make a choice, especially for our [...]

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How excited are we?
Were going to be famous!

We are VERY excited. Check it out at!! As always, stay tuned for more of the Little Mermaid’s progress! Team Little Mermaid

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Credits and thats a wrap?

After going through the -surprisingly- long list of everyone who worked on our film, I was brought back to the first day of Compendium IV where we were all standing at the edge of this abyss ready to jump in, without a clue what we were getting ourselves into. Realizing just how many people put so much time and effort [...]

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Post it!
One happy director, Nick, sitting in his captains chair

While Team Little Mermaid is still in Post, with Kim manning all of his fronts- sound design, composing and creating our swamp-world that the film takes place in- Rehan, our editor has locked our picture!! We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we have the cut of the film, as well as Kim is rounding the corner of being [...]

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