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Phase iPad: Digital Design Students Collaborate!
example of wireframes - Not for distribution!!!

Hello there! I wanted to use this post to tell you the updates and the work that we have done regarding the iPad Application. We have been intensively looking for Comic Artist willing to work with us in this amazing production. Our main source has been Deviant Art! There are a lot of cool artist that we would loved to [...]

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Phase 3: A trip to Director’s Office

Hello! Last week was fun because for the first time we got the chance to go to Nicholas Humphries office. The purpose of this trip to Burnaby was to meet with Nick and the editor, Kirby Jinnah, to do the final changes and lock the picture. First of all, let me say the office is really comfortable, definitely a place [...]

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Phase: Post-Production Update!
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Hello Everyone! The past week we have had a lot of updates in terms of “Tinkerbell” the short film and our iPad App. We received our the 3rd rough cut from our Editor and its looking great. Watching the edited film really make us think about all the great work the crew and cast did. It seems very professional, which [...]

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Phase iPad: Comic strip update

Namaste! The last week was our first week in Term 4. We are very exited for everything that will be happening this term. Post-production will continue, iPad apps are being developed and among all this, our  final projects and Impact Awards! In this post I will let you  know how the comic for the iPad app is going so far. [...]

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Phase…Wait a minute…an iPad application?
ComicStripExample from:

Bonjour! Some of you have probably been wondering ‘whats-up’ with the iPad application we talked about in the “About Compendium” section of this blog. Well people, we are on it! Last week we had a meeting between the five teams of Compendium Vol. III and our Head of Department, expert in graphic novels, Jessica Clark-Bojin.  In this meeting we talked [...]

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Phase 3: Post-Production!
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Hola! Since the moment we finished shooting our film we entered to the post-production stage of our short film. Our Director, Nicholas Humphries got the footage and gave it to our, well-know in the industry, editor, Kirby Jinnah. Since the beginning of this project we secured our Editor but the past two weeks have been about getting our post-production crew [...]

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Phase 2: Set Experience!

Hello Here’s the second post of nice shots for you to have a peek of what we experienced on set! Set Dec Shooting! Thanks for all the crew that was with us that day! Stay tune for the news about the post-production of our short film!! Team Tink

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Phase 2:Make Up and Wardrobe On Production Day!
Tink Make Up

Hello! The amazing make up and wardrobe for our short film ‘Tinkerbell’ was made by Sarah Elizabeth, Susan Manning and Megan Leson! Tinkerbell Pan Sarah, Susan and Megan..thanks for working on this amazing project! Stay tuned for more photos and more info about this short film!! Team Tink

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Phase 2: Production day….Best Sunday ever!
Team Tink

Namaste! On the earliest days of the compendium-shooting week Team Tink was fixing the last details for the big day.  We were the second to last to shoot the short film. We prepare everything in advance, Catering, Set Dec, Props, Make up, Wardrobe etc.; everything was in order for Sunday. February 6th arrived and everything started. The Producers were on [...]

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Phase…A Week-away from filming!
Langley Trip

Bonjour! We are one-week away from the most important day in the term…Shooting day, and Team Tink is almost ready! The previous week started with a long, exciting and funny trip to Langley. We met “The Professor”, a really smart guy that knows everything about Steampunk. He is a well recognize member of VSteam (Vancouver Steampunk Society) and he goes [...]

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