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Rough-Cut v.5 screening! | Almost there to picture lock!

The Team headed to the film building to checkout our latest cut; And after 5 revisions, I think this may be the last one.  We brought along some friends from the EBM13 class to check out the screening because at this point we are blind to any minor fallacies and in which we hope our friends can spot it with [...]

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Comic design class/-Graphic novel development for the iPad

Ourclass had a crash course on how to put together interactive pages in the iPad.  It took about an hour for the class to understand technical terms and functionality of what HTM5 can do.  Luckily, Team Rumble has Sergey to lead the team in constructing together because Lyndon, Justin and Nando have no clue what’s going on.  Some of us [...]

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Our First Post-Production Meeting!

The hardest part of film making is FINALLY over…or so we thought.  We had our first post-production meeting today and we met our composer and credit artist.Worried about what initially WAS the old post production schedule, we quickly took action and wanted to get this rough cut done.  The process took just a couple of days and in which we [...]

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Production Day-

The time is now for Team Rumble.  After weeks of planning, the day has come for shooting. Here are some quick photos the day of: Serg and Nando checking out the scene with Q, who was our Lost Boy. (THANK YOU Q) Two Red Cams!! The proper way to shoot a fight sequence. The mast of our ship, decor in [...]

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Costume and Prop shopping// A lot of Stress, but a lot of FUN! || Millennium Vancouver*

Week 5 January 31-February 2nd At this point, Team Rumble knows what we want our characters to look like.  We looked all over the Internet for SteamPunk stuff to get inspiration so we could make some of the costumes. I mean come on, there isn’t a SteamPunk store in Vancouver right?  Is there? YES THERE IS!  Nando, Team Rumble’s prop [...]

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Meet our Characters

IAIN BELCHER as PAN We chose Iain because we thought he fit the role perfectly; performance and look wise.  He graduated recently from the acting program from Vancouver Film School, which made him really easy to contact.  When Iain came in the audition room, he immediately caught our attention.  He read the script perfectly and acted the role of Pan [...]

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Read-through/ A Task Overlooked but Essential | Also, a Fight Co-ordinator?!?

Week 4 January 22nd 12:00 pm Two weeks until showtime!!  The team is excited and so was Peter and the actors.  We organized a meeting on a Saturday (Our first pre-production meeting) to do a script read-through. It was a good sit down session with the crew because not only did we get to know each other, we also addressed [...]

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Fight rehearsals with F.Braun McAsh!!

Team Rumble organized the space for our crew to practice their choreography so they could master the moves safely before the shoot.  We booked room 704 in the 198 building because they had the largest available space at the time.  We used room 502 as well as a contingency room in case the room upstairs was booked.  Jessica (thank you) [...]

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CASTING!! “Three is the magic number.”
Camera Focusing

This was definitely harder than we thought.  It’s just as hard as choosing what to eat for lunch because that feeling of “what if I chose otherwise.”  This was a task Team Rumble could not over look. Basically, Team Rumble and the Director were looking at three things which were look, performance, and appeal that the performer gave to the [...]

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Sails away!!-The Storyeum set of Story 5-”Forever”
Hook and Tink fight angle

Lucky for us we only have one set to work with and it’s quite a beautiful set.  Hidden deep in the Storyeum features a half built wooden ship that features a deck, mast and even a stationed wheel.  The caution tape is stationed in the danger parts of the set because they don’t want excited EBM producers running around the [...]

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