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RoboCroc – Meet the DDs

Meet the DDs At VFS we call people from different programs with abbreviated forms like EBM stands for Entertainment Business Management, FP stands for Film Production, SD stands for Sound Design and so on. And there is a program where the most creative people are studying which is called DD. Their program is called Digital Design and these awesome people [...]

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RoboCroc – Picture Lock!

Post Production- Picture Lock! It has been more than a month since we finished compendium production. Time flew by and I don’t even remember what happened during the last month! There were just too much things to do at the same time: preparing for the Impact Awards in April and also getting ready for the final project. At the same [...]

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RoboCroc – Post Production and More

Post Production Begins Although we’ve finished one the hardest part of Compendium, it’s not even half way yet! There are lots more to do as we get into post-production. The post-production for Compendium isn’t just editing the footage and making a final cut. It also involves the interactive graphic novel for the iPad application, which is the original purpose of [...]

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How to Build a Crocodile!

How to make a crocodile from scrap newspapers! This edition of our blog, we will cover ‘how to build a crocodile from newspapers’. I know it sounds unrealistic and stupid, but don’t worry, I thought the same as you do right now. However, it is very doable, so much fun and very cheap at the same time. If you are [...]

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RoboCroc – D-Day

February 7th, 2011 The day of production Finally, the time we have been waiting for, for a long long time has come! Personally I wasn’t able to go to sleep until 2AM even though my call time was at 6:45AM the next morning. Maybe I was too excited! (actually I was a little nervous) At 7AM all the producers and [...]

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RoboCroc – One more step to go!

Helping out others February 4th, 2011 This week of compendium is our production week. Other teams had already finished their production while we were busy building our Robo Croc (Crocodile “Steve”) who was featured in our movie. We will introduce him in a separate blog post, so stay tuned! Since we were the last team to shoot, we could help [...]

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RoboCroc – Getting Close to Production!

January 22, 2011 Got Junk? As we had to build a mechanical crocodile, we needed metal bits and pieces that could go on our crocodile. And who are we!? The students without money! So we had to come up with the most cost saving method of getting those metal pieces; and the junk yards in Vancouver are listed in our [...]

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RoboCroc-Preproduction: Casting!

January 12, 2011 Casting One beauty of pre-production is casting. Students from the acting program were very enthusiastic and all wanted to participate in the compendium project. So we had video auditions of 92 students. Each one of them were very different and had diverse characteristics. It was really hard to make a decision among 92 students. As producers we gathered our [...]

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Preproduction: Production Budget & Location Scout

January 7, 2011 Production Budget We have locked our script and have had our kick-off meeting. What’s next? BUDGET! Each team has got their budget assigned. Some differ from the others. Compendium’s executive team has a fixed budget for each team according to their production needs. $1,400 is all we have in our pocket now. The budget breakdown looks like [...]

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RoboCroc – Preproduction: Script Draft & Kick-off Meeting

January 5, 2011 Among five stories that we were given, our story was the fourth one “Pan’s Recruitment”. We were given piles and piles of script to go over and everyone had to read it one by one. Some were really good and some were little bit out of the standard that we were expecting. We had a small meeting [...]

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