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Designing both the comic and the App for the iPad

Team Hook Smash has been hard at work over the last few weeks designing the look our film will take when it becomes for sale on the iPad. Another great door opened up for us because now, a 2 page comic between each of the 5 stories will carry one film into the next and we are both the designers [...]

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Getting into Post-production
matt painting drafts

there is a picture of the matt maintings linked in the post.

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Sound, Camera, ACTION!

After so much planning, principal photography was shot in one fast paced day on the 3rd of Feb. 2011.  The day had two different sets plus a whole montage to be filmed on the greenscreen stage. Our Director Roy Hayter, 1st AD Arun Fryer, 2nd AD Hakan Gunnarson, and 3rd AD Hope LaVelle really worked magic to get all the [...]

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Shifted into high gear

We thought last week was fast paced, well now we’ve kicked it up a notch or even two!!  Team Hook Smash had their first script run through with the principal cast, director and producers, it was exciting to hear the characters come to life for the first time.  We all then went for a tour of the set, went through [...]

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Last week we literally hit the ground running by learning so many different aspects of film making, all at once.  We didn’t stumble at all and now that we have learned to run before walking, I’m worried we wont be able to learn in the future unless were running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  We held call-back [...]

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Hard Start

Team Hook Smash has now left the gate, so the race is on. We had a major script change late in the game, but now we have one locked in.  Its hard to believe that so much has happened in just one week.  We held auditions for the characters in our story and it sure is nice being on this [...]

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Team Hook Smash – Kick Off Meeting
the kick off meeting

Team Hook Smash! We just had the kick off team meeting for our film and it’s definitely an understatement to say that we are excited.  We have so many ideas about what need to be changed with the script but besides that, we’re all happy with everything else. Meeting with Roy, our director, was certainly an eye opening experience, as [...]

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