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Music spotting session with Joel

Team Fish Hook has a new team member! Joel Tibbits (pronounced Joe Elle)  will be doing an original score for our film. The man has a remarkable delivery time! Within a couple of days of our initial meeting with him he had several sample compositions for the film. The theme focuses primarily on industrial electronic, heavily influenced by early Trent [...]

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Graphic Novel Portion Beings

We have began the process of developing the graphic novel portion of the Compendium project. Each team is responsible for 1-2 pages of  the graphic novel that covers/fills in the gaps before and between the individual films. As a team we all contributed to the comic pages. We had a good brainstorming session and wrote the script shortly after. Writing [...]

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Meeting with Jordan

In continuation of the last blog post, we had our meeting with Jordan! We were all very pleased with his progress on the animations. He has designed the intro and has begun designing the interior of the house in which Hook’s family lives. He also showed us preliminary images of the characters he created based off the footage from the reference shoot. [...]

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Now We Wait…

Things are going well for Team Fish Hook these days. Though it’s a bit weird not moving a 1000 miles an hour like we were in pre-production and during production. What they say is true; post production takes time, and patience is mandatory! We are all very anxious to see the rough edits of our films. I’m also really looking [...]

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That’s a Wrap

Principal photography began and ended this past Wednesday for our team’s film. It was a long, well planned, and perfectly executed day! We were blessed with stellar support. Our director, Michael Chase along with 1st AD Arun Fryer got the day under way in a timely fashion. We were bang on schedule had it not been for our Rats getting [...]

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Wanna see something gross….and awesome!?

Hook as been de-hooked for his interrogation. Left behind is his grotesque stump for a hand. Susan Manning, our lead make up artist has designed some pretty wicked concept pieces for us. She recently had Vaughn over to test run a few ideas to see how they’d look and she was awesome enough to send us pictures. Featured below is [...]

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Casting Announcement

We have officially selected all of our cast members! Vaughn Clements will be playing Hook, Kim DiMaggio as Detective and Peter Parotta as Guard.  Now we just have to tie all the loose ends. Shooting begins (and ends) on Feb. 2. It will be one busy action packed day and we’re all looking forward to it. Last week we caught [...]

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The Joy of Casting

This past week we began casting for the roles of Hook, Detective and Guard. I love casting, seriously, I love it. We watched a video auditions of every actor in the school (92 in total) and did call backs, a lot of promising young talent. That’s the thing though, it’s “young talent”. In our scene, Hook is in his mid [...]

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It’s All Happening, Neverland is here!

For those of you who are not familiar with Compendium, it is a school wide interactive production involving all of the programs respective talents. It is produced by us, the Entertainment Business Management students. This edition of Compendium consists of an interactive graphic novel that features 5 films embedded into the digital pages. As you read along, a point will occur where you tap the screen [...]

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