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Phase iPad: Digital Design Students Collaborate!
example of wireframes - Not for distribution!!!

Hello there! I wanted to use this post to tell you the updates and the work that we have done regarding the iPad Application. We have been intensively looking for Comic Artist willing to work with us in this amazing production. Our main source has been Deviant Art! There are a lot of cool artist that we would loved to [...]

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Exciting News…Stay Tuned!

Something to wet your whistle. Team Fish Hook

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RoboCroc – Meet the DDs

Meet the DDs At VFS we call people from different programs with abbreviated forms like EBM stands for Entertainment Business Management, FP stands for Film Production, SD stands for Sound Design and so on. And there is a program where the most creative people are studying which is called DD. Their program is called Digital Design and these awesome people [...]

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Phase 3: A trip to Director’s Office

Hello! Last week was fun because for the first time we got the chance to go to Nicholas Humphries office. The purpose of this trip to Burnaby was to meet with Nick and the editor, Kirby Jinnah, to do the final changes and lock the picture. First of all, let me say the office is really comfortable, definitely a place [...]

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Music spotting session with Joel

Team Fish Hook has a new team member! Joel Tibbits (pronounced Joe Elle)  will be doing an original score for our film. The man has a remarkable delivery time! Within a couple of days of our initial meeting with him he had several sample compositions for the film. The theme focuses primarily on industrial electronic, heavily influenced by early Trent [...]

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Graphic Novel Portion Beings

We have began the process of developing the graphic novel portion of the Compendium project. Each team is responsible for 1-2 pages of  the graphic novel that covers/fills in the gaps before and between the individual films. As a team we all contributed to the comic pages. We had a good brainstorming session and wrote the script shortly after. Writing [...]

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RoboCroc – Picture Lock!

Post Production- Picture Lock! It has been more than a month since we finished compendium production. Time flew by and I don’t even remember what happened during the last month! There were just too much things to do at the same time: preparing for the Impact Awards in April and also getting ready for the final project. At the same [...]

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Designing both the comic and the App for the iPad

Team Hook Smash has been hard at work over the last few weeks designing the look our film will take when it becomes for sale on the iPad. Another great door opened up for us because now, a 2 page comic between each of the 5 stories will carry one film into the next and we are both the designers [...]

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Phase: Post-Production Update!
Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 4.46.04 PM

Hello Everyone! The past week we have had a lot of updates in terms of “Tinkerbell” the short film and our iPad App. We received our the 3rd rough cut from our Editor and its looking great. Watching the edited film really make us think about all the great work the crew and cast did. It seems very professional, which [...]

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RoboCroc – Post Production and More

Post Production Begins Although we’ve finished one the hardest part of Compendium, it’s not even half way yet! There are lots more to do as we get into post-production. The post-production for Compendium isn’t just editing the footage and making a final cut. It also involves the interactive graphic novel for the iPad application, which is the original purpose of [...]

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