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A Successful Shoot
Entire Team

Team Sirens had completed pre-production; we had our team and all of the other pieces that needed to come together before production. This was all in time for shoot day. Emily-Claire McLaughlin, Chaundra Kazakoff, Jose Ochoa Rivero, and Malik Meghani (aka the producer team) all arrived at Storyum bright and early to set up before the crew arrived. Divide and [...]

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Pre-production of a film is about planning. You need to do everything you can to ensure that when you’re on set you’re not kicking yourself for forgetting something. Thankfully, there was no kicking on the set of The Sirens. If you’ve read our last two posts on The Sirens, you know that we had a fantastic cast and incredible makeup [...]

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A Fabulous Cast

Casting can feel like the most important element for any film, especially low-budget shorts, and this was no different for ‘The Sirens’. After going over the script, it was clear that for a film based on Homer’s Odyssey, ‘The Sirens’ had a lot of potential to be racy. We knew going into casting that we would need actors and actresses [...]

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Sexy Sirens

It was the night of September 8th, less than a week into Term 3 of the Entertainment Business Management program at VFS and we were already in full-fledged working mode. A meeting had been organized so that each of the four teams on Compendium 2 (a.k.a. Project Cyclops) could meet their makeup artists. Since the script of the Sirens had [...]

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