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Hired – Interactive Short

After many discussions with the Digital Design students and Team Scylla, we finally locked the content we wanted placed in our stack for the interactive portion to the Compendium project. I don’t want to give too much away, but we toyed with the idea of shooting another short, based on our ‘The Office’ (UK Version) meets ‘Homers Odyssey’ theme. Very [...]

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Team Scylla – Interactive

Some 3 weeks ago, we were charged with incorporating our film into an interactive based magazine to be released on the iPad. We were given the scope, deliverables and elements in an extensive 6 hour crash course of the adobe software and features. Having very little prior knowledge of the ins and outs of this new technology, I feel it [...]

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An ADR Experience

Post-production was well on it’s a way! The rough cut was edited by Rick Neufeld and viewed by the team, including newly appointed director Scott Watson, who was also heading our visual FX. Having finished the screening, it soon became apparent that the sound recorded on set (in Storyeum) was not up to snuff. Due to the high ceilings and [...]

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Pull! Pull!
Topher hangs from his harness while EBM student Jamie Chapman looks on

As soon as our cast had come together, it seemed the ball on pre-production started rolling and it didn’t stop for the month leading into our production day. The month of September flew by fast and it was filled with challenges and victories of pulling a film together, not to mention adjusting to the dynamics of a new team to [...]

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Seeking A Match Made in Mount Olympus
Jessica, Ellie, Adam, Seb

When Seb, Adam and I were given the task of producing Scylla, we knew right away that that were going to need two very talented actors to pull off the witty banter between the two main characters, Guildis and Rocen. There was a clear sense that they were on two different ends of the spectrum in terms of intelligence, to top [...]

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