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Lotus Theatre, Lotus Spa, Lotus Restaurant…

Hello loyal readers! So, we have pretty much caught you up to date on where we are currently at with our Compendium project. Our ADR sessions went great and we had many laughs, as usual. The actors whizzed through their lines (I think we goofed around for the same amount of time we were in session!) and the actors loved [...]

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Where to begin?

So… post-production. Where to begin?! Post-production may not seem as glamourous or as fun as production, but this is when all the really “cool” stuff comes together (or falls apart) and when we get to work with some really crazy technologies and see everything slowly start to look closer and closer like a finished product. There are two areas of [...]

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Eight Hours and Twenty Seven Minutes…

For those loyal readers, here is blog posting number two (thanks for returning)! To start where Barbara left off, I’ll jump to our production day. Lotus Eaters was filmed in 8 hours and 27 minutes, a feat we are very proud of. To watch an idea, a script, come to life in front of your eyes to an actual film, [...]

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Everything should be played back in Slow Motion.

So… first post here for the Lotus Eaters. First blogging experience ever actually… so bear with me. This has been an absolutely insane experience up to this point. To think sometime in August (was it August?) we were assigned our teams, and now we are fully immersed in the post production experience… words cannot express how strange that feels. When [...]

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