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Between The Sheets

The opportunity to create a comic only comes along so often.  For our production team, we were lucky enough to be working with a digital designer like Jay Cromwell, who understands the medium as a fan and artist.  From the beginning, we knew exactly how it would shape out.  Jay and I both share a connoisseur’s passion for comics, so [...]

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With Great Film, Comes Great Digital Comic

With our Compendium project moving forward and development beginning on the interactive media component for the iPad, we had a lot to think about.  Would we be doing a game?  Is the technology easy to understand? Could this be something unique in the market?  How could we incorporate our film into the piece effectively?  There were many possibilities, but we [...]

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What’s Next For The Cyclops

“That’s a wrap!” The Cyclops film continues to evolve, now that we have entered post-production, and we’re incorporating our interactive media component.  As Producers, post-production increases our responsibilities and consequences.  Everyone that we source for The Cyclops film becomes paramount to the development of the final product.  The editor, colorist, composer, sound editor, and visual effects designer are all brought [...]

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‘The Cyclops’ – The Beginning

”A filmmaker has almost the same freedom as a novelist has when he buys himself some paper,” said Stanley Kubrick.  It’s a true statement, although it was difficult to believe when starting out.  Homer’s Odyssey wouldn’t be Homer’s Odyssey without the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops.  We were pretty excited and there was great anticipation in presenting this epic [...]

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