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Dunwich Horror Producer: Ivan Maltsev [Post#6]

At last, project space squid is officially over, except the marketing part though. This project has been a journey and a half, on behalf Team Dunwich we would like to thank everyone that believed in us and the team that made it happen. Our film also got into the HP Lovecrafts film festival in Portland, Oregon along with our classmates and we couldn’t be more excited [...]

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Now that production ends, Marketing Begins!

We have come so far over the last 4 months! We took a simple concept, turned it into a script and the rest is history. Now that production has completed we begin a whole new journey, marketing.  We must now build our audience, and our first order of business is taking on the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon [...]

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Dunwich Horror Producer: Ivan Maltsev [Post#5]

Hello, it seems like it has been a while since my last post, so what perfect time to do a blog right before post production wraps up. The whole experience has been really educating for me, it feels like I learned a lot. From how to deal with people in this industry to all the complexity’s that goes into producing  a [...]

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The Dunwich Horror Keeping the ball rolling!

Up until this point I can honestly say we haven’t faced any true challenges. But now as we have entered the post-production phase, we are now facing more challenging obstacles but we excited to take these head on. Our main focus right now is completing our rough edits of the film, so we can get that over to our 3D [...]

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The Dunwich Horror- Behind The Scenes

The Dunwich Horror- Behind The Scenes This past Monday was a great day for “Team Dunwich” as we were able to complete production on time, and on budget. This was a great experience for Ivan and I, to have the chance to become part of an industry professional team and work together to create a work of art.  Working with [...]

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Dunwich Horror Producer: Ivan Maltsev [Post#3]

Monday June 7th was the day of our shoot, it felt incredible to watch everything come together on the set. My fellow producer and I put a lot of hard work to make this happen. We were dragging over 100 pounds worth of wood for 45 min across town, getting all the actors and the costumes together, or picking up dirt from the [...]

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The Dunwich Horror- Making Good Progress!

Out of all the projects involved with Project Space Squid, our project has a much larger scope then the other teams involved. We have the most actors involved and have the most complicated set design, as we have to build are own mountain top with our bare hands. Even though we have a larger scope we have been able to [...]

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3D Model

Hi, So this is my attempt on the 3D Model of the monster we are gonna integrate into the shot. Feel free to bring me any concerns or critique.. I can still change it if needed. They lower body, which contains all the tentacles is not completely done yet. One time next week, I should have a final uploaded model [...]

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Dunwich Horror Producer: Ivan Maltsev [Post#2]

I could not be more satisfied with the job my team is doing. So far they have exceeded all of my expectations! We had our first big pitch today and everybody came together and performed well under pressure. Our concepts for the interactive portion were not accepted yet, but the panel liked our ideas. We got some good feedback on how [...]

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The Dunwich Horror Team Update

This last week we completed our first rounds of casting calls for our video portion of this project and it went very well! We were able to fill up half of our cast, but still have some upcoming auditions to fill the remaining roles of the doctors, but overall we are in a good spot. On Monday we had a [...]

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