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Closing in!

As our post-production efforts continue, we advance even closer and closer to the finished product!  Our deadline is the beginning of December, and as of now we can proudly say we are right on track.  Our editor, composer, sound-design team and digital effects artists are hard at work around the clock completing their deliverables and it’s been a pleasure to work [...]

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Now that we’ve locked our picture, it’s time for our amazing sound team consisting of Adam Hyjek and Bill Leininger to go to work on the sound design.  We were lucky to capture some really high quality audio on the shoot-day, but because of the musical nature of our film and the echo in the studio, we are faced with a [...]

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Picture Lock Confirmed and Screened

After many well-spent hours of editing and tweaking we’ve all come to agreement that “The Veil” is now picture locked! We have to extend a huge thanks to our Editor Kyle and Director Peter D. Marshall for all of their hard work and enthusiasm over the last few weeks. It’s been a lot of fun and has been really exciting. [...]

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Rough Cut Complete!

Our first rough cut is complete! Our editor Kyle and director Peter D Marshall worked all day on Saturday to make sure we would have a rough-cut to screen at the Compendium Rough Cut Premiere, and they delivered. It looks fantastic! The feedback from the rest of the audience was great, there is some polishing and a few logistical tweaks [...]

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The Wonderful World of Editing!

Post-production of The Veil is moving right along as scheduled! We had a chance to sit down with our editor, Kyle Popovich, and view the footage in its entirely. We were extremely happy with how the dailies look and we can’t say enough good things about Kyle, he’s really into the project and he just seems to understand it. We [...]

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Post-Production Underway!
VFX Shot Set-up

Now that our footage has been handed over to us we can dive right into post-production!  We need to have the film completed and submitted by mid December, so its full steam ahead for everyone involved with our post-production efforts! The post-production kick-off meeting last Monday was our first foray as a team of producers into the world of editing, [...]

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Production of “The Veil” Complete!

Compendium weekend is over!  All of the producers behind The Veil would like to thank each and every person who contributed to the making of this amazing film!  We couldn’t have done it without the hard-work, passion, and endless creativity that was brought forth by everyone who laid their hands on the project.  Congratulations and well done!  We are all [...]

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Development Of “The Veil” Right On Track!
Blocking Rehearsal

Team Spicy Skulls are well on their way to being done the development stage! The script is coming along beautifully; our theme and general story are completely locked; now we are in the stage of fine-tuning! Next on our list of tasks to tackle with our writers are the lyrics, once they are complete, we will have our final draft [...]

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Rounding Out Our Brainchild!
Production Meeting

The days continue to slip by without us noticing, but we’re not worried. Team 3 Amigos is prepared to make our debut as film producers — and very excited! We are now less than two weeks from our shoot date of September 23, and everything is taking the shape of our collective vision for this project. A 2nd AD has [...]

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Compendium 8: Kicked Off!

Last Thursday was the Compendium kick off meeting and it was a packed house!  Thanks to everyone who was able to come out and make the meeting a huge success.  The energy and excitement in the room was extremely promising and it was evident everyone is ready to give 100% towards each of the three shows. Team Spicy Skulls had [...]

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