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From Third to Home
Okay Let's Tie The Knot

Hola Amigos, Bienvenidos to our final week of Post-Production. We have almost all our materials in: The documentation, stills from our project, legal notices, the post-production visual effects, credits, introductory sequence, sound, music and our final cut ready for our screening before December 14th. We have come so far since our first day! We first chose our writers; Dawn Prato [...]

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One Week Until Screening
Director addressing the Producers and Sound Designers

Bienvenidos a la penultimo post de Compendium 8: Dia De Los Muertos! This is our second to last blog post of Compendium 8′s “We Now Pronounce You Dead & Wife”. We have had one of the shortest Post-Production phases in all of Compendium, and one of the first to have our film ready to be seen by the public on schedule. [...]

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Binary on the cutting room floor
Our Leads Entangled in Love's Conflict

Hola Amigos, Only a couple more weeks and we producers will have guided “We Now Pronounce You Dead & Wife” through pre-production all the way to exhibition. We are so proud of what we were able to accomplish these past three months and we are astounded at our progress. There are so many people who have been on board since [...]

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Opening Title Sequence
Title Sequence Sketches

Today we started discussing the opening sequence with our Title Sequence artist and Documentation Supervisor, Ian Berg. We have been continuously modifying our Musical Short-Film and hope to have our product finished before the beginning of Winter Break (for you non-VFS readers, that’s December 14). We still have things to do, like most of our Sound and Mixing Sessions, ADR, [...]

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La Catrina’s Fine Cut
Our wonderful Editors Jillian and Jaselle

Hola Amigos! Today we screened our Fine Cut with our editors and Director. So far, we are very happy with our project and how far we’ve come. The majority of our film is visually beautiful, but we have some small tweaks to complete before we are completely finished. Our editors have been working overtime, making sure all of the frames [...]

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Post-Recording Session
Our Amazing Composer Sean at Work!

Hola, Dia De Los Muertos happened on Friday November 2, did everyone celebrate? I know we certainly did. We at Team La Catrina were working overtime preparing the music for our short-film. We have asked our good friend and master Composer Sean Dillon to help us on the final song. With all the tracks already in, Sean went to work [...]

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Dailies Screening
Our first Daily EVER!

Today we got to watch the dailies with our awesome Editor Jillian, and our former script-supervisor, now assistant-editor Jaselle. Since most of us Producers were busy on the day, we weren’t able to fully grasp what we shot, and what our footage looks like on screen. We shot with 2 RED Crystals, going at the same time, so it was [...]

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Recording our Song
Our Composer and Music Recording Supervisor Sean Dillon and Director Darren Borrowman

If you’ve read our previous blog posts, you’re already familiar with our Composer Sean Dillon. After he composed, recorded the other musicians and played guitar for our song, he also sang our song for the Actors of our Dia De Los Muertos Musical, to listen to. Our actors found this quite beneficial, as they were able to hear the  song [...]

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Shoot Day – On Set
Cast & Crew of Dead & Wife

The producers were up and ready at 6:30 to let in the makeup artists and setup for the day. By 9:30 we had everyone in makeup and by 11 we were shooting. We started off well, getting our dancers and chorus members shot in the morning. And dove right into it: Our camera-crew was working hard, and we had a [...]

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The Shoot!
2012-09-24 11.49.35

The night before the shoot we producers were in Storyeum making our final preparations. As we shooed off the many momentary grumblings in our stomachs, the enduring pestilence of nervousness, we made our final walk-through: An empty set. A green room ready for our cast, with our wardrobe, cables for makeup, lots of water, and of course, precious, precious coffee. [...]

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