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Quick Update!
Back on Set

Not too much to report this week, friends! We are putting the final touches on Cheers to Death, and are very pleased with how it’s looking! Can’t wait to flood the world’s Facebook feeds with the trailer — muahaha! Our director, Nick Humphries (along with several other members of our cast, crew, VFS faculty and friends), had an exciting announcement [...]

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Light at the end of the tunnel

It’s a bittersweet feeling coming close to the end of post production. Visual effects and sound design are wrapping up while our trailer is being finalized. Colour correction is on the horizon, loose ends are being tied and festival plans are being drawn up. The future looks bright for “Cheers to Death.” Compendium has been a life changing journey full [...]

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Picture Lock!

Annnnnd we are officially picture locked! After many edits and hard work from our editor Ryan Jackson the film is ready for our sound team and vfx artist Jorge. We are happy to welcome Juan, Karla and Jorge to the post team and with their little dose of magic “Cheers to Death” is that much closer to the screening. With [...]

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One Small Step for Man…

At the time of our last post, we were starting to feel a bit anxious! Now, that has completely changed — we’re excited again! We’ve gone through the dailies of Cheers to Death, seen a rough cut, and now a fine cut. Our editor Ryan Jackson, is doing a fantastic job and we couldn’t be happier. Today we locked in [...]

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The art of waiting

After the rush of shoot day, it’s a relieving yet odd feeling of simply waiting. As if the momentum has shifted. As our production manager fondly puts it, it’s like tennis; as soon as you get the ball you whack it back. The footage is absolutely gorgeous and the anticipation of the screening is growing. It’s extremely flattering to be [...]

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Post Production Time

“The post-production phase of creating a film takes longer than the actual shooting of the film, and can take several months to complete because it includes the complete editing, color correction and the addition of music and sound.” Now is the part of the journey where we wait to see the footage we actually shot! We have given our editor [...]

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Life After Cheers to Death — Post Production
La Catrina

A week has already passed since we wrapped Cheers to Death, and we’re getting very anxious to see how it turned out! It’s one thing to watch the camera monitors on set, but to apply colour correction, editing, sound design and visual effects in post-production will change everything! Production is merely half the battle when it comes to making a movie. [...]

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And that’s a wrap!

It’s incredible to think that production day has already come and gone. From pitching this idea in first term to actually seeing it come to life on the monitor in front of us months later was incredible. We put our heart and soul into this production and team 3 Amigos could not be happier (and more tired) after wrapping up. A HUGE [...]

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Building, Painting and Cleaning!

Tired, happy, anxious, euphoric, unquiet - these words describe the 3 amigos feelings about this weekend. We had a very busy week wardrobe-fitting with Kelsey, thank you for your help you are FANTASTIC. We don’t have words to describe the costumes because impeccable is not enough! Thanks to all actors and dancers for taking the time out of your day to come to school for [...]

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What a week!
C8 - Cheers To Death - Reference Photos (dragged)

Team 3 amigos has come back from the break with a bang! Here’s a sneak peek from our talented costumer for our Catrina/ Lady of the Dead. The Compendium 8 kick off meeting was a success and it was great to meet the rest of our crew. We now have a cast and crew of over 40 people! We welcome [...]

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