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We are Done!

Well everyone, it’s been a wild ride. We’ve been with this project for 6 months. We remember reading through scripts, working and reworking the dialogue, doing the casting. We’ve faced a lot of challenges – building 3 sets, working with children and even some team members leaving the country. Somehow, we’ve managed to bring it all together and create a [...]

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The end is nigh…

Hello blog world! We’re nearing the end of our journey! It’s coming to the point where we’re waiting for the last pieces of our project so we can put it all together. Sound is almost done (we’ve had a mini-compendium reunion with a lot of our actors coming into the sound studio to record ADR) our final music is in [...]

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We’re Almost at the Top of the Hill

Team Jack & Jill would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing team. We only have about a week of postproduction left and we are really starting to see everyone’s hard work come together. So, let’s start from the beginning. Meagan Hotz and Bobby Henwood set us up with an incredible script. The revision process was hard work [...]

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Live: From the Foley Room

This week on Tumbling after! We’re live in the ADR study here to give you a play by play of what really goes on in an ADR recording session. Remember how we mentioned the rhyming narration, well we’re almost ready to show you! 2:00 : Eric arrives to set up ADR room 3:00 Producer arrives to ensure tests work. 3:30 [...]

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Welcoming Some New Additions To the Team.

Over the last week we’ve lost a member of our team but we added two more! Unfortunately our VFX artist, Henry will not have time to finish the compositing so it is our deepest regret to part ways with him but we wish him all the best in the future. So, what are we going to do now?  Well, we’ve [...]

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Picture Lock!

Now that we’ve officially been picture locked we can really get into the final stages of post production. So what do we have left to do? Well, we have a few visual effects shots with a green screen so our wonderfully talented VFX artist Henry Truong will be working on replacing it with our matte painting. While that’s going on, [...]

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Finding the sound of Tumbling After.

We’re only a few days away from picture lock and it’s looking great; so what’s the next step?  Sound! Now this isn’t something that we can just throw together, it has to be done in a few steps.  We’ll be getting original music to set the mood, recording foley (the sound effects), recording the narration in an ADR session and [...]

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Almost done tumbling down the post-production hill!
Crooked Man

Work on post-production for Tumbling After is in full swing! You can even say that from where we are now, all that’s left is a ‘downhill’ journey! On one hand, we’ve assembled our dailies and have a rough cut locked and ready. On the other, we have a fully rendered matte painting ready to be composited into the shots. Talks [...]

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Tumbling Down the Post Production Hill

Editing on our Compendium short has started. Dan Berezowsky, our Editor, is currently transcoding Red Epic 5K footage into 1920 x 1080. We expect the entire footage to be transcoded in about… oh, two days or so. The roughly 35 minute footage takes more than 220 GB in storage capacity! Along with Dan, we also have Henry Truong as our [...]

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It’s a (Historical) Wrap

The scope of what is possible in Compendium has been redefined forever. A few hours ago, Team Jack and Jill successfully pulled off a 3-set shoot in 12 hours with 6 actors and 3 extras. That’s a far cry from the existing Compendium protocol of a single set with 2 or 3 actors. And did we mention that two of [...]

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