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Mixing It All Up

The film is ready and the sound designers have done their work: music, sound effects, ADR, ambience sound. Now it’s time for mixing it all up to create the right balance between all the sound elements in the movie; sound is half of the experience when you watch a movie, so this is a very important stage. As we’ve gone through the [...]

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Choosing the Colours
Jillian Cabernell (editor) & Darren Borrowman (director) during color correction.

One of the final stages of post-production is color correction. Although the basic tone and feel of the film was created during the shoot day with the light choices and camera settings used by the Director of Photography, at this stage we go back and enhance the colors so every shot will look consistent and with the best contrast. Because [...]

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Recreating the Dialogue
Jess Smith reading for Abberline

The magic of film making is that what we see on the screen is not necessarily what happened on set. As producers we have many tools to improve our films and one of them is ADR. ADR stands for “Automated” or “Automatic” Dialogue Replacement. Once we finished editing the images of Blood Runs Cold and began the sound design phase, [...]

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Locking the Picture

With deadlines looming over us as we strive to finish Blood Runs Cold by mid-August, we locked ourselves in the editing room one Thursday evening. Our mission: get to the final cut. We went over the notes gathered during the rough cut screening and watched the film again a few times, trying to find any issues we could fix. At [...]

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Cutting But Not Bleeding
Blood Runs Cold

Although post-production feels slower for the producers than other stages of development, it is also one of the most exciting because the original vision begins to take a concrete shape. We attended the rough cut screening for Blood Runs Cold looking forward to the comments of those who had not seen the film thus far.  Because the producers and the [...]

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More BTS Photos

For this post I want to introduce the crew that worked on Blood Runs Cold through some behind-the-scenes photos. Enjoy!

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The VFX of Blood Runs Cold

From the first few drafts of the script until now (at the beginning of post production), Blood Runs Cold, has been conceived as an appealing film that requires some impressive visual effects–nothing too complex, but well executed visual elements, both practical and digital. It’s hard to explain in detail each of these elements without spoiling the film for you. But [...]

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This Cold Winter Is Not Over Yet

We can all agree that under the tight deadlines for Compendium, if you don’t have an editor a week after the beginning of post-production, you can start to panic just a little bit. That’s exactly what happened to us. At the post-production kick-off meeting we heard the name of our editor but he wasn’t able to make it–first signal that [...]

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The Set Runs Cold

Not literally, because it can get very hot with the lights on set. But the chilling atmosphere and the frost-covered set made it feel cooler. There was even snow (not real, of course) blowing around as the first shot of the film was enacted. The day began before 6 am, with the producers cooking breakfast for the crew and the [...]

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Artsy Horror
Building the Set

Designing and building a 19th century English Tavern with less than $500 is no easy feat. Fortunately, we have two amazing production designers, Tori Pearson and Siobhan Duggan, who’ve  come up with an artistic horror set within our budget. From creating furniture and balconies out of cardboard instead of wood (but you won’t be able to tell the difference) to [...]

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