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The light at the end of the tunnel
final blogpost

So, finally, after all the blood, sweat, and tears we literally put into the making of this film we can proudly say “guys we have arrived, the show is now complete”. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in the production of this short film: Peter Marshall, David Gomez, Andrea Carrillo, Vince Arvidson, [...]

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Almost there

Hello and welcome to a new entry in the Jack and the Beanstalk blog! Today we would like to inform all of our followers out there that we are pretty close to wrapping on this Beanstalk! All throughout this past weekend our visual effects team worked arduously to finish a matte painting of the Victorian London that will surely take our [...]

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Visual Effects
Blogpost july 27 1

Hello Everyone, Team Beanstalk is more than happy to announce that we are getting into the final phase of this adventure. Last weekend our visual effects team worked night and day in order to deliver the shots they were set to do. And let us tell you something THEY LOOK ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE. We can’t wait to show them to you [...]

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The end is near
Beanstalk blogpost 4

This trip is almost over; we have the fine cut of our film and it won’t be long until we have picture lock! We would like to use this space to congratulate and thank our editor, Bobby Gorman, on the amazing job he has done so far.  We would also like to welcome Sarah Vallim to our team, who will be cutting our trailer. [...]

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That’s a wrap!

Jack and the beanstalk is finally in the can. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for all our team but we finally overcame all the obstacles that where laid in front of us, and can finally say “We have a movie”. Shooting day was a wonderful experience in which we saw our story come to life in a more beautiful [...]

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Can’t Hardly Wait!!!! (2012)

The post-production stage of our film is now in full swing. Yesterday we watched the dailies , with our very talented editor, and realized just how much potential our film has. Some of the footage literally blew our minds.  Our director was able to really understand the heart and soul of the project and that more than shows in the [...]

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The shooting day is getting closer

The days are getting busier and busier for the Beanstalk team. Last week we had the OFFICIAL COMPENDIUM VII KICKOFF MEETING. We were thrilled to meet our production team. It has to be said that we are delighted to be working with such talented people. Everyone collaborated with ideas that will help bring out story to life in a way [...]

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Production of Posts

Post-production has started! Yesterday we had the chance to meet our editor: Robert “Bobby” Gorman. He is a recent graduate from the Film Production program here at VFS, currently working on the pilot for an upcoming hit T.V. show. The final stage of our film is going to be a hard one, but we are thrilled to have such a [...]

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Final touches please

As the final countdown for the shooting day begins we going over the final details that will turn our story, from a vague concept in our heads to an actual film! We would like to use this space to show our gratitude to our production designer David Gomez, and all his crew. For the last few days they have emptied [...]

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Meet our Actors

After an arduous casting process we have finally selected the perfect actors for our film: Trevor Gemma and Jedidiah Goodacre. Trevor, a veteran in Compendium, has appeared in a whole variety of award winning short and feature length films such as “The Little Mermaid” and “Dead Hooker in a Trunk.  This time he will incarnate Professor Willkie, a brilliant yet [...]

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