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Along the Way, before the End.
Bricks of Gold

It’s been almost a year since we started down the road that led to where we are now. Monday was the screening and premiere of the Compendium V films, including Yellow Brick Road. From the Day that we selected the Zombies of Oz, our team bonded in a way that I wouldn’t trade for the world. We became very close, and I can’t [...]

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
The Theatre

Monday, we had the premiere of Yellow Brick Road and were reunited finally with the cast and crew of our project. We were all very nervous. Since they were last involved, the film has changed so much. It now has a cohesive look and feel. Once everybody had piled into the seats of the theatre and the lights dimmed, it [...]

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A road runs through it
The Road

Sorry for all the road puns, but we really can’t think of much more to title these posts with. Now that we had laid this road down, we were feeling pretty good. Not physically of course, because our arms and backs were aching beyond belief. At this point we needed to start filling in the rest of the area around the [...]

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Brick, by brick, by brick.

So let’s talk about how we built this road! We were very aware going into this thing that it was a very ambitious set build. We had to turn this barren studio: Into a Post-Apocalyptic version of the once beautiful and wondrous, iconic Yellow Brick Road. This was a lot more work than it sounds like. First off, let’s talk [...]

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Building a forest, in the middle of a city.
As you can see, there's a lot of work to do.

“We’re going to build a forest two storeys underground, in the middle of Vancouver.”

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Cue Dorothy and the Lion
Melissa Steblyk

We’ve finally done it. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion have been cast! It’s been a long and arduous task finding the right people, and then an even greater challenge choosing from all the great actors that we saw audition, but in the end, we had to cut it down. Introducing, the beautiful and talented Melissa Steblyk. Your Dorothy. A Vancouver [...]

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Where are the all the People?

Up until now, our road has been looking pretty lonely. So, we had to hold our casting session to get somebody down there! It’s been a long process, and we’ve been seeing many great actors. We had people come in and pretend to bleed all over the ground, guys that yelled so loud that we flinched in fear, and girls [...]

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Remember how irreverent and beautiful that Yellow Brick Road always seemed to be? Yeah about that, in the coming weeks and months we will be bringing you the film “Yellow Brick Road” with a bloody twist on the legendary waltz that Dorothy and her friends took down that road. Written by Meagan Hotz, and directed by Andrew Moxham, this promises [...]

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