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Facebook Page

The Team “Last Song in Oz” has decided to launch its own Facebook page. In this page, you will find exclusive pictures, blog posts and news about our short-film. We hope you will enjoy it and interact with us and our Team. Don’t forget to ‘like it’ and follow our amazing journey: Team Last Song in Oz

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“Dancing at the zombie zoo” – Production meeting!

In the process of making a film (even for a short film) a production meeting is probably the key meeting for a successful project. And you know I think this project will be more than successful regarding the team and crew around it. It is a session where all the heads of the various departments involved, get together to discuss [...]

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“Thriller”….Time to cast all these monsters faces (make-up)!

Hey everybody, Lady Gaga often talks about her little monsters and this time, I’m gonna talk about ours. The last week was really interesting in terms of important meeting. One of our meeting was totally dedicated to make-up and face casting for our Lion and our Monkey Zombie. We are closed from Halloween but I won’t talk about my possible [...]

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“In the Dark”…..Here comes the villain !

Well, well, well, what would be a good Sci-Fi story without actions and villains? Here it’s time to reveal a little bit more about what’s gonna happen in our episode. In the novel of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, some Flying Monkeys appears to save Dorothy. In our twist of this story, I’m really sure they will be so nice…It [...]

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It’s “A Kind of Magic” around our project…welcome to our two main actors

The band Queen was right, sometimes in your life, you feel that it’s “Kind of Magic”. And this time, I have to admit, this is my feeling. I have an amazing writer, an amazing director and guess what…I am lucky that two amazing actors have joined us on the project. I’m getting more and more excited to work on it. [...]

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“Time for a love Revolution”: Let’s kick off this new Compendium!

It is time for a love Revolution and time to create a new constitution for Compendium. For every Compendium we have what we call a “Kick-Off Meeting”. The goal of this “Kick Off Meeting” is to introduce Compendium to the others programs of VFS and those who are working on it. Welcome them, meet them and discuss with.  As always, [...]

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“Somewhere Over the rainbow”….meet the team “The Last Song in Oz”

Hello dear followers, Welcome on board to follow the adventure of the production “The Last Song in Oz”! My name is Caroline Chibaudel and I will be the producer and your host on this blog. A Little about me…. I’m from France and my big passion is Cinema. I grew up loving all kinds of movies and my favorite genres [...]

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