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TIN – We’ve Got Heart
Credit: Vince Arvidson

March 26th 2012 marked an important day for the members of Team Tin, it was the official premier of the Compendium V: Zombies of Oz series at the 420 Homer campus at VFS. All of the teams and producers gathered in the lobby of the auditorium and it was a happy reunion.  For many of us it marked the first [...]

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Tonight, we wait.

Less than 10 hours are left before Tin’s shoot begins, and it has certainly been quite a journey. In a very short period of time, this introduction to live action film production provided all sorts of tokens of wisdom for those that approach it with a hunger to find them. The role of the producer is often extremely difficult to [...]

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Compendium V – Getting Through The Storm
Team Tin - Discussing Our Scripts!

Working in a group setting can be difficult as we all know, and over the past weeks, our team has been tested to the fullest! Each of us came to the group with our own personal biases and tastes regarding movies, and we had to learn how to put these aside and work to create a film that would please [...]

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Compendium V: Ready for take off.
Story is born as conflict.

The moment of truth is upon us. A team comprised of four very different individuals take on the challenge to produce a high production value short film. A musician, a journalist, a writer and an animation filmmaker. The subject matter: Zombies in Oz. A mash up of the Wizard of Oz with the ever present elements of the zombie movie [...]

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