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Along the Way, before the End.
Bricks of Gold

It’s been almost a year since we started down the road that led to where we are now. Monday was the screening and premiere of the Compendium V films, including Yellow Brick Road. From the Day that we selected the Zombies of Oz, our team bonded in a way that I wouldn’t trade for the world. We became very close, and I can’t [...]

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TIN – We’ve Got Heart
Credit: Vince Arvidson

March 26th 2012 marked an important day for the members of Team Tin, it was the official premier of the Compendium V: Zombies of Oz series at the 420 Homer campus at VFS. All of the teams and producers gathered in the lobby of the auditorium and it was a happy reunion.  For many of us it marked the first [...]

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Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
The Theatre

Monday, we had the premiere of Yellow Brick Road and were reunited finally with the cast and crew of our project. We were all very nervous. Since they were last involved, the film has changed so much. It now has a cohesive look and feel. Once everybody had piled into the seats of the theatre and the lights dimmed, it [...]

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“The End Of The Road?”
No Place Like Home 2

This past Monday, we held the official first screening for Compendium V which featured our short film, ‘No Place Like Home.’ It was a long and arduous journey to get to the final product but, I have to say, when it was complete we were in awe of our final film! The opportunity that was presented to us to create [...]

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The Final Mix – Finalizing Sound for “No Place Like Home”
Sound Mix 2

This past week we listened to the ‘almost’ final sound mix for our Compendium production of ‘No Place Like Home.’ The journey from pre-production to this moment has been a long and arduous one, but totally worth all of the hard work the team has put into making this production. Our sound designer, Scott, did a tremendous job and all [...]

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Zombie Growls in ADR Session

Today, we would like to share with you some highlights from our recent ADR session for “There’s No Place Like Home”. ADR refers to Additional Dialogue Recording – the re-recording of some of the dialogue to improve the original quality of audio, or the recording additional sounds. ADR is traditionally done in the post-production phase of the film. In our [...]

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Casting Session

We began our audition process for Compendium 5’s “A Place Like Home” with the initial open call. We were very happy with the turnout of over 30 talented VFS acting students and industry professionals who just so happen to be VFS alumni as well.  Since the inception of Compendium, it has established quite the name recognition and many want to [...]

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The Wonderful Work of ADs

During the pre-production phase of our short film, we have had many meetings. In addition to our regular team meetings, we’ve had individual meetings with our Director, Art Department lead, the Actors and the Assistant Directors (ADs). Yes, the wonderful ADs who always seem to have the answers that we are looking for! Today we want to highlight the role [...]

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Facebook Page

The Team “Last Song in Oz” has decided to launch its own Facebook page. In this page, you will find exclusive pictures, blog posts and news about our short-film. We hope you will enjoy it and interact with us and our Team. Don’t forget to ‘like it’ and follow our amazing journey: Team Last Song in Oz

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“Dancing at the zombie zoo” – Production meeting!

In the process of making a film (even for a short film) a production meeting is probably the key meeting for a successful project. And you know I think this project will be more than successful regarding the team and crew around it. It is a session where all the heads of the various departments involved, get together to discuss [...]

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