Bienvenidos a la penultimo post de Compendium 8: Dia De Los Muertos!

This is our second to last blog post of Compendium 8′s “We Now Pronounce You Dead & Wife”. We have had one of the shortest Post-Production phases in all of Compendium, and one of the first to have our film ready to be seen by the public on schedule.

We’ve had many things we needed to have completed by today to come this far. Us producers have been working with our editor, DOP, Director and Sound Design Team to perfect the sound and visuals of our short-film. We’ve done extensive colour correction, editing, sound mixing, adding foley (the sounds of clapping and the background noises), perfecting our song and other music and made sure that the flow of our short-film is flawless and rhythmically on cue.

We’ve checked our releases and checked them again. We’ve drafted our submissions for film festivals and we’re ready to begin our exhibition phase, applying to different film festivals across the country and the world.

We are so excited for you to see our product. We hope you all show up next week to see our final projects.

Until then, we wait, for the Day of the Dead, we celebrate.