The producers were up and ready at 6:30 to let in the makeup artists and setup for the day.

By 9:30 we had everyone in makeup and by 11 we were shooting.

We started off well, getting our dancers and chorus members shot in the morning.

And dove right into it:

Our camera-crew was working hard, and we had a large audience on our set

We’re so thankful so many people came out to see us on Production Day. We were so glad to have you!

We kept on shooting late, and approached the critical stage where us producers had to think of some re-organizational methods to get our footage in the can, but luckily we had the last shot done before midnight, and wrapped just after 11.

At the end of the long, grueling day, we had got everything we needed, and we were ready to wrap. A thirteen hour day, with a large cast and one-hundred and thirteen shots, apparently a new Compendium record. Our crew pulled through with effortless resiliency and we celebrated our success!

Thank You So Much to Everyone who helped out! Providing us support throughout and on the day of production helped us so much in our effort to Produce such a fun piece. We are so excited to get into Post-Production and turn our shots into a film!

Thanks again to everyone, and check us out next week for Dia De Los Muertos! (Literally, it’s coming soon!)