Tired, happy, anxious, euphoric, unquiet - these words describe the 3 amigos feelings about this weekend.

We had a very busy week wardrobe-fitting with Kelsey, thank you for your help you are FANTASTIC. We don’t have words to describe the costumes because impeccable is not enough!

Thanks to all actors and dancers for taking the time out of your day to come to school for costume fittings; You guys are the best!

Makeup test went amazingly with Isabelle Champigny and Brittney Bolzon, thanks ladies the makeup is PERFECT; you have captured the sentiment behind the Day of the Dead!

Thank you to Brandy, you are a Super Woman, even with a foot injury you are still committed to helping with building, painting and cleaning the set. Your passion and energy are indescribable, you are a Super Hero! =)

See you guys next Monday to tell all about the shooting day.