We can all agree that under the tight deadlines for Compendium, if you don’t have an editor a week after the beginning of post-production, you can start to panic just a little bit.

That’s exactly what happened to us.

At the post-production kick-off meeting we heard the name of our editor but he wasn’t able to make it–first signal that something was wrong. Darren, our director and Compendium’s production manager, tried to reach him all the following week but without success. It was clear that we wouldn’t make the deadline for picture assembly and we needed a Plan B.

If needed, Darren was willing to step in and start editing himself, at least until we could find a new editor. The Film Production department recommended soon-to-graduate student Jillian Cabernel and Darren met with her. In just a couple of days, Jillian synced the audio and the footage and put together the dailies for us.

We watched the dailies (all the footage shot during production) and talked about the takes that would work and those that wouldn’t, got excited about some great shots and also wished we had time to get some extra footage. In the end, Jillian went away with some clear notes to work on the rough cut of the film.

This is not over yet, indeed, but the hurdles have been overcome and we keep moving forward. Until next time!