Our Production day was on the 26th of May and we had 12 hours to shoot a short film however the schedule quickly became redundant as we began to scramble to make time.

With the day well underway we served lunch at 3:00pm. As a result of the pushed back time our lunch was getting cold and so drastic measures had to be taken. The producers crabbed the lunch trays and went over to the neighboring Charles Bar whose restaurant graciously allowed us to heat the food in their ovens. We fulfilled our obligation to provide a hot meal and the Pasta got rave reviews from the crew.

On set things were starting to move quickly. Our Director was getting the shots as he envisioned them and the crew was beginning to perform. Our eyes kept creeping back to the clock as our opening and closing scenes still needed plenty of time to set up and shoot.

We soon had to face the reality that we were not going to get the chance to move to our second location, “The Graveyard”. It would have taken over 1.5hours to move the equipment and so the producers in consultation with the Director made the call to cut “The Graveyard,” a decision which wounded our star actor and rendered hours of effort null and void.

Nonetheless we pressed on, with “Zero” hour approaching we still had to capture vital footage in order to give our editor sufficient material. A desperate race against the clock finally ended at 10:30pm when we wrapped production. Our Director conveyed to us that we captured the essential footage, how we go about capturing our Opening and closing scenes is an issue that will be tackled next week.