On Saturday May 26th, Production day finally arrived. Our task was to make sure that the day went by as smooth as possible. In order for this to happen we had to capture all of our scenes shots within a 12 hour period, between the hours of 8:00am to 9:00pm.

Leading up to Production Day we had been preparing our set by making final dressing to the set and preparing food for our cast and crew. We had Fruit Salad, bagels and jam for breakfast; vegetarian pasta for lunch and hotdogs for the evening snacks.  A light balanced array of food which proved sufficient on the day and what a day it was.

We assembled at 8:00am and were scheduled to begin shooting out first scene at approximately 10:30am after 2.5 hours of lighting and blocking by the Director of Photography. Due to our set being a tight space and the Grips not being present the day before to pre-rig the lighting, we fell behind a whopping 2 hours past our original schedule and only began filming at 12:30pm. Lunch was subsequently pushed back 1 hour to compensate but we knew early on that our day was not going to be as smooth as we anticipated. To be continued.