We had reviewed the footage with Nate (editor) and Hans (director). Nate started to prepare the lined script as we watched the footage. We have 1 hour and 20 minutes of footage, which was the average for the other shows.

The material looked spectacular, everyone is very pleased with the shots that we have, but we also realized of more work that needs to be done. This work includes shooting some sequences for the opening and ending of the film. We have everything on track for this matter.

We think that in terms of color correction, if we increase the shadows and made the movie darker, the mood of what we’re trying to create will come alive.  We have an interesting color palette already, it plays with all the elements. The atmosphere is dark, the “whore” wears a red corset (desire), there’s a red fabric on top of Jesus, the white on the priest and other elements as well.

Nate was very excited with the footage so we know that the final product will be top quality. Hans commitment is very promising as well, so as the Post Production stage flows everything will be under control.

We are having more meetings on the following weeks so the film is going to start to get in shape soon.