With the shooting just behind the corner, the producing team is running the extra mile to get everything together for shooting day.

One of the biggest concerns was to get a high quality costume designer for the show. As we sourced within our networks we found a designer whose collection was featured in the Vancouver Fashion Week, after meeting her she agreed to join the team with joy and enthusiasm. As we are aware of her work we are looking forward to see her amazing designs.

We started to work on Storyeum, we painted some shelves and benches and we  started to place some props, all in accordance to our Art Director / Production Designer and Director, so far the set is looking great and we are right on schedule.

We had some make-up tests as well, the make-up department made a terrific work turning the actors into believable characters.

With more work to be done we are looking forward to next Saturday, with all the crew members we have met so far and with all the work that has been done so far, our shooting is going to be an unbelievable experience.