Hello again! After a long week of craziness, we are happy to announce that principal photography is now finished on The Twins. Here is a very quick recap of the day:

Night Before Shoot:

  • Make sure set decoration is complete
  • Tie up multiple loose ends
  • Go to bed at 2AM

Shoot Day:

  • Get up at 4AM (but somehow make ourselves look like we got 8 hrs of sleep)
  • Prep craft services (aka snacks & breakfast)
  • Run around & make sure everything is running smoothly, everyone is happy, crack some jokes & enjoy every minute!

The week before we all started shooting our films we were reminded by our instructors to enjoy the experience by taking a few moments to soak it all in. There were multiple times throughout the day where I looked around to actually grasp how many people were working on this project. These were all people who were there to share their time and, most importantly, their craft. Everyone was tired and somewhat stressed (I mean, we had to get the whole film shot in 12 hours) but everyone was smiling! Myself and some of the other producers tried our best to bring some laughter to the set and I think the good spirits trickled down throughout the entire crew.

Overall, the shoot went incredibly well and we couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved. We managed to pull off something better than each of us could have imagined and none of it would have been possible without the amazing people that helped create it. When you see an idea come to reality, it is a bit surreal but its remarkable how right it all felt. We still have a lot of work to do in post-production, but we know we are on the right track. Keep checking back to see our progress; we have a cool green screen shot we will be working on this weekend!

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone involved. I am thrilled that I got to work with so many incredibly talented people and our film would not be possible without your time and dedication.

Janelle Day
Producer The Twins