This past week we listened to the ‘almost’ final sound mix for our Compendium production of ‘No Place Like Home.’ The journey from pre-production to this moment has been a long and arduous one, but totally worth all of the hard work the team has put into making this production.

Our sound designer, Scott, did a tremendous job and all of the little sound details he added into our mix made big impressions in the long run.

Watching your film journey from rough cut (with no sound aspects incorporated) to this phase of the production (incorporated with sound library inserts, score, ADR from the actors) is an amazing process to watch unfold.

The most interesting part when watching the final sound session was when the actors appeared on screen and you heard all of the background elements that would usually be in a real life situation added into your film. On filming day, you aren’t able to capture sound such as feet walking on stairs correctly or the shuffling of feet on damp mud. In this session, you were able to hear how all of those elements that were re-recorded in post-production were inserted and made the film come to life even more. Then when the score is added on top of that, it’s even more thrilling.

Sound made our final film come alive even more than before, which is hard to do when your film is about zombies!

We are entering the home stretch with the production of this film and we hope that you will continue to stay with us to see the final project!