Welcome back to another collection of thoughts from the eyes of the producers. Here is Team Queen checking in. With each week into pre-production, we are all getting more and more excited to continue. Just this past weekend our team got together for a meeting and, for the first time, met our writer, Casey Splinter. This was also the first time our director, David Roncin, was introduced to her as well. Having the whole team together that day was a great feeling of importance and progress for us. We were all so excited to see each of these creative individuals meeting up on a Saturday afternoon to work together for a common goal: our film. This new-found camaraderie adds a sense of assurance and trust to everyone involved with this endeavor. So far the group dynamics have been excellent and everyone has been comfortable contributing to the concepts and ideas being discussed.

One of the main areas of focus during our meeting was getting a better understanding about the characters so far. After flushing out all our ideas and feedback from the first draft of the script, we started to create a clearer image of the characters and the direction they are headed within our film. Casey did a great job of asking lots of questions and writing herself notes to take back with her to the drawing board for the second draft. She has proven to be most accommodating and pleasant to work with, and we all look forward to seeing what she comes up with on the second draft.

In the upcoming week, we are all excited to begin tackling the early stages of casting! This has been a great couple weeks of production so far and we look forward to checking back in next week.