Hey everybody,

Lady Gaga often talks about her little monsters and this time, I’m gonna talk about ours. The last week was really interesting in terms of important meeting. One of our meeting was totally dedicated to make-up and face casting for our Lion and our Monkey Zombie. We are closed from Halloween but I won’t talk about my possible make-up and costume (first Halloween in North America). But I’m gonna talk about our zombie and monkey. But we can’t really have real ones without some make-up prosthetic. To do that, we went to see Malin Sjostrom, our make-up supervisor artist and her make-up team (Carolyn Williams and Mac Hillier) to cast the two faces of Patrick and Owen. It was actually pretty funny from an audience point of view. I’m not sure it was so funny for our two actors. But as we said in France, sometimes you need to suffer to be pretty. Promise, we don’t torture them.

Here some pictures, for you, of Patrick and Owen.

I really wanted to thank you all the make-up artists and our two victims, Patrick and Owen, who were really patient during the process.

Team Last Song in Oz.