Barely a week to go and we still have a lot to do!

On Victoria Day, while most sane people took the holiday off, our make-up team, ourselves, Dave and Catherine were busy completing our first make-up tests: Belle as the beast! The process took about 2 hours in total and the results were pretty freaky (in a good way!). We don’t want to give away too much here, so you’ll just have to wait until production day. But let me tell you, this is the stuff nightmares are made of.

It wasn’t long after until we tested make-up with Brett to get a realistic look for the statues. This process took a little less than the first. Once again we were blown away by the results of our artists, Bridgette and Karen. The icing on top of this deliciously-scary cake of awesomeness was when the drops were added to Brett’s eyes and tears of blood streamed down his face! Wow! We can’t wait to see how our statues are going to look on screen with the set. I hope people scream.

Wardrobe fittings were also scheduled in this busy week before shoot day. Megan Leson, who also did wardrobe for “Riese – Kingdom Falling”, pulled costumes from her arsenal and created amazing clothes for our actors! For Belle and the Hunter we had doubles of clothing in order to bloody them up for the battle scene. She even dyed the white nighty that Catherine wears yellow as an homage to the cartoon version. The clothes she had for our father (played by James Wilson) were so authentic and fit the time we imagined for our film and the roses that adorned his vest served as another reference to the classic fairy tale.

I’d have to say, we were all extremely impressed with what we saw in that chaotic week. All the little pieces are starting to come together. We hope you are as excited as we are for shoot day!

Stay tuned for more on Beautiful Beast.

Team Belle